Coleen Rooney criticized Rebecca Vardy’s foul language as ‘evil and inappropriate’ in harsh slap

COLEEN Rooney pissed off Rebecca Vardy today after rival Wag sent ‘evil’ texts, branding her ‘nasty bitch’ and ‘shit’.

Wag, 35, said the foul language between Rebecca, 39, and agent Caroline Watt was “inappropriate.”


Coleen Rooney branded texts sent by Rebecca Vardy as ‘evil’1 credit
Rebecca sent messages to Agent Caroline Watt.


Rebecca sent messages to Agent Caroline Watt.Credit: Reuters

They were sent after Rebecca discovered that Colleen had accused her of leaking information from Wagatha Christie, court documents showed.

When asked about the plethora of messages today, Colleen told the High Court, “The messages that went on between them were just mean and inappropriate.

“There’s no need for that, I’ve never done anything to them.”

In the messages, Rebecca repeatedly calls Colin a “whore” and claims that she “needs to get over herself.”

Colleen cried every night because of the US move with Wayne, told the court
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She also branded Wayne Rooney as a “b**t” and later warned, “Don’t let her scold me to anyone… if she does this, oh my god, she’ll be sorry.”

Today, Colleen continues her explosive evidence and admits that her 14-year marriage to Wayne wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Hugh Tomlinson QC mentioned Wayne’s arrest for drunk driving in 2017 when he was caught driving a party girl’s car.

The lawyer said it was “another obvious crisis” in their relationship and that the ex-United star “behaved badly”.

Colleen added: “Yes, there were a few. Unfortunately, things like this have happened in my life.

“They get publicity and it has happened quite a few times.

“I dealt with it, we dealt with it as a couple and as a family.

“There have been a few things in those few years.”

This comes after she also revealed that her Wagata bite operation against Rebecca Vardy was so secret that she didn’t even tell him about it.

Colleen told the court: “If I wanted to know who was doing this to me, I had to keep it to myself.

“What I don’t do is pass my problems and my worries onto someone else.”


Colleen said she had “suspicions” that Rebecca’s Instagram account was responsible for the leaked stories.

She unfollowed her on Instagram, but admitted she “told her a lie” when Rebecca confronted her about it and asked if she had “offended” her.

Colleen said she “didn’t even know” they weren’t following each other anymore and blamed her kids for using her phone a lot.

She also stated that she “wouldn’t have bothered” if she was unfollowed, as she and the “fame-hungry” Rebecca “were not good friends”.

When asked if Rebecca “made it clear” that she was not a leak, Colleen said, “She says she has absolutely no interest in what’s going on in my life, which I think is completely untrue.

“She talks a lot about me… so it was a lie.”

It came after Colleen claimed her post was a “last resort” and told the court she was “surprised” by how badly it exploded.

She also said that she tried “in vain” three times to settle the multi-million dollar case before it went to trial.

Colin: “I didn’t say anything… I don’t want to be here… it was Mrs. Vardy who brought me here.”


In October 2019, she became a detective and accused Rebecca of sharing stories from her personal Instagram account.

In the infamous post, Colleen said she posted a number of false stories through her restricted Instagram account to see if they appeared in the media, which they did.

She then said that only one person had viewed the fake stories, and ended in a dramatic way: “This is…. . Rebecca Vardy account.

Colleen revealed today how Rebecca texted her asking, “What the hell is this?”

This comes after she shared a quote on her personal Instagram after she decided to share her job as a sleuth saying, “Don’t play games with a girl who can play better.”

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Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebecca, who was deeply pregnant at the time, denied the allegations and said she was abused as a result.

The trial continues.

Texts were sent to Caroline Watt


Texts were sent to Caroline Watt

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