Coleen Rooney ‘sure she won’ Wagatha libel war against Rebecca Vardy and tells pals ‘I’ll be acquitted’

COLEEN Rooney is “sure” she’s won the Wagat Christie vs. Rebecca Vardy blockbuster war, a friend claims.

Thursday was the final day of the libel trial after Colleen accused Rebecca, 39, of leaking stories to the press.


Colleen’s friends say she’s confident she’ll win her libel suit1 credit
Rooney accused Vardy of leaking


Rooney accused Vardy of leaking “false stories” about her personal life in October 2019.1 credit

All evidence has now been heard by judges who have retired and will make their decision at a later date.

The lawsuit has centered around a viral social media post from October 2019 in which Ms Rooney claimed to have carried out an “investigative operation” and accused Ms Vardy, 40, of leaking “false stories” about her personal life. to the press.

The wife of former England star Wayne Rooney was nicknamed “Wagata Christie” when she publicly stated that Mrs Vardy’s account was the source of three fake stories she posted on her personal Instagram account.

Sensational revelations surfaced during the trial, and now Colleen’s close friends say she is confident she will be acquitted.

The source said Mirror: “After the trial, Colleen drank a cup of tea and packed her bags for the vacation, confident in her victory.

“She has told friends that she will be acquitted and is relieved that her truth is out. This whole saga was very painful.

“She doesn’t count her chickens as she knows the final decision rests with the judge, but she is adamant that she has always told the truth and that justice will be served.”

This comes as Vardy was criticized for “deliberately lying” on the final day of an explosive battle with Wagata Christie.

Colin’s lawyer claims that she and agent Caroline Watt are the “only possible suspects” in the Rooney family leak, and the couple “deliberately” destroyed the evidence.

But Rebecca’s lawyer hit back this afternoon, saying it’s “highly implausible” that his client is “smart or cynical enough” to get rid of important messages before trial.

David Sherborne, on Colin’s behalf, said Wag believes Rebecca is “even more responsible now” than when she filed the charge.

He reminded the court that there was no evidence from Ms. Watt, who dropped her phone in the North Sea days after she was ordered to hand it over to the court.

A “significant” amount of evidence from Ms. Watt and Rebecca was also lost when the chats were accidentally deleted, it was heard.

“This was done to hide incriminating evidence,” Sherborne said this morning.

“The only plausible explanation is the manual deletion by the applicant herself.”

He called mother-of-five Becky a “completely unreliable witness” whose memory was “selective” and said that Colleen was “honest”.

“[Rebekah’s] indications should be treated with the utmost caution. This accuracy simply cannot be trusted,” he said.

“The contrast in the way Mrs Rooney testified could not have been clearer.”

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He called the case “extraordinary” due to Miss Watt’s absence, calling her Becky “a close friend, agent, guide – Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark”.

The court had previously heard that Ms. Watt was “not fit” to perform.

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