Colin Rooney vows to force Rebecca Vardy to pay £3m court bill over fight with Wagata Christie

DEFIANT Colleen Rooney has promised that Rebecca Vardy will fork out £3 million to Wagatha Christie.

The Wag sensationally won an epic libel battle on Friday after it was discovered that Rebekah, 40, had leaked the stories to the press.


Colin Rooney is reportedly planning to make Rebecca pay the entire Wagatha bill.1 credit
Rebecca has sensationally lost a £3 million libel battle.


Rebecca has sensationally lost a £3 million libel battle.Credit: Environmental Protection Agency

Colin, 36, is now reportedly planning to force her rival to pay the £3 million bill in full.

Usually, anyone who wins a civil case still has to pay about 30 percent of the final costs.

But the mother of four children believes that Rebecca should pay the full amount after the judge’s verdict. Mail on Sunday reports.

A source told the paper: “Colene didn’t want this to happen. She knew the money was better spent on a lot of other things, but she wouldn’t let Rebecca leave without paying all the expenses.

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Becky Vardy faces cash crunch after Wagata's loss leaves her with a £3m bill

“She tried to work it out early on, but Rebecca didn’t want it. And if you look at the statement of the verdict, it’s inconceivable that the judge wouldn’t agree that she would pay them in full.

“Let’s not forget that this lawsuit was initiated by Rebecca and she lost in spectacular fashion.”

Lawyers from both camps will now discuss the deal behind closed doors until September.

Experts have already said that it is very likely that Rebecca will be forced to pay almost the entire £1.5 million bill to Colin, as well as her own expenses.

Kristen Bell Tattoos also revealed how Colin is negotiating to get Rebecca back in court to sue for damages.

Rebecca’s reputation and finances are now in tatters after she was attacked by Mrs. Judge Stein in her ruling on Friday.

The judge said Rebecca “knew, condoned and actively participated” in the media leaks by her agent Caroline Watts.

She called the mother-of-five’s testimony “clearly inconsistent” but praised Colin as an “honest and reliable” witness.

Mrs. Judge Stein also found that Rebecca deliberately destroyed the evidence to cover up her deceit.

The defiant Rebekah opposed the verdict and insisted that the judge “got it wrong”.

While Colleen said she was “happy” with the decision but said she “never believed” the case should have gone to trial “at such a cost at such a difficult time for so many people when the money could have been spent much it’s better to help others.”


She also revealed that she had no “alternative” left but to go through with it in order to “protect” herself and stop the leaked stories.

She added, “Both before and after my social media posts in October 2019, I have done my best to avoid the need for such a lengthy and public trial. All my attempts to do so were rebuffed by Mrs. (Rebecca) Vardy.

“These leaks from my personal Instagram account started in 2017. They continued for almost two years, invading my personal life and the privacy of my family.

“While I hold no grudge against Mrs Vardy, today’s decision makes it clear that I was right in what I said in my October 2019 posts.

“Finally, I would like to thank my entire legal team, my family, friends and everyone who has supported me, including the public, during this difficult and stressful time.”

The spat erupted back in October 2019 when Colin, 36, became a detective and accused Rebecca of sharing stories from her personal Instagram account.

In the infamous post, Colleen said she posted a number of false stories through her restricted Instagram account to see if they appeared in the media, which they did.

She then said that only one person had viewed the fake stories, and ended in a dramatic way: “This is…. . Rebecca Vardy account.

In response, Rebecca declared war and accused Colin of ruining her reputation when she filed a libel suit in court.

Colleen stated that her post was a “last resort” and told the court she was “surprised” by how hard she exploded.

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Wag also said she tried “in vain” three times to settle the multi-million dollar case before it went to trial.

Colleen said, “I didn’t say anything… I don’t want to be here… it was Mrs. Vardy who brought me here.”

Yesterday, Rebecca posted a provocative photo on her Instagram with the caption


Yesterday, Rebecca posted a provocative photo on her Instagram with the caption “out of the world.”1 credit
Wags went to war back in October 2019.


Wags went to war back in October 2019.
Colleen tried to settle the case countless times before the case went to court.


Colleen tried to settle the case countless times before the case went to court.
Rebekah's reputation is now in tatters


Rebekah’s reputation is now in tattersCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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