Colleen Rooney admits she’s been through ‘quite a few’ scandals with Wayne and talks about ‘crises in her marriage’.

COLIN Today, Rooney opened up about the “crises” of her marriage and admitted she’s been through “quite a few” scandals.

Wag, 35, continues her explosive testimony after hinting last week that her marriage was in trouble for the first time.


Wayne and Colin are arriving at the Supreme Court today.1 credit
Colin continues his testimony


Colin continues his testimony1 credit
Rebecca Vardy arrives in court today


Rebecca Vardy arrives in court today1 credit

Colin is once again a High Court witness with husband Wayne, who supported her throughout the high-profile trial.

She admitted today that her 14-year marriage to Wayne hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Hugh Tomlinson QC mentioned Wayne’s arrest for drunk driving in 2017 when he was caught driving a party girl’s car.

The lawyer said it was “another obvious crisis” in their relationship and that the ex-United star “behaved badly”.

Colleen cried every night because of the US move with Wayne, told the court
Vardy puzzles over the forced recess in the Wagata case, then returns to the dock and sobs AGAIN

Colleen added: “Yes, there were a few. Unfortunately, things like this have happened in my life.

“They get publicity and it has happened quite a few times.

“I figured it out, we figured it out as a couple and as a family.

“There have been a few things in those few years.”

This comes after she also revealed that her Wagata bite operation against Rebecca Vardy was so secret that she didn’t even tell him about it.

Colleen told the court: “If I wanted to know who was doing this to me, I had to keep it to myself.

“What I don’t do is shift my problems and my worries onto someone else.”

On Friday, Colleen revealed how she found herself in a “vulnerable situation” after Wayne was arrested for drunk driving after a ten-hour binge.

Derby’s manager was driving party girl Laura Simpson home in his VW Beetle when cops swooped in in 2017 while Colin was pregnant.

Colleen called his behavior “some kind of misdemeanor” when she spoke candidly about her 14-year marriage.

She also revealed that she “wasn’t sure they would get back together” and said they spent time apart.

Colleen said she had “suspicions” that Rebecca’s Instagram account was responsible for the leaked stories.

She unfollowed her on Instagram, but admitted she “told her a lie” when Rebecca confronted her about it and asked if she had “offended” her.

Colleen said she “didn’t even know” they weren’t following each other anymore and blamed her kids for using her phone a lot.

She also claimed that she “wouldn’t have bothered” if she was unfollowed, as she and the “fame-hungry” Rebecca “were not good friends”.


The court heard Rebecca “make the choice” to sit behind Colin at the Euro 2016 match.

Wag claimed in her testimony that Colleen was actually sitting in her seats, so “instead of making a fuss”, they moved to another place.

But Harpreet Robertson, the Football Association’s former ticket manager and family liaison officer, said that was “simply not true.”

She explained that she didn’t know if it was “intentional” that Rebecca sat behind Colleen, but said she “came to the conclusion that it was a choice” after talking to co-workers.

Ms Robertson also said that two of Rebecca’s guests were “rude and abusive” when she asked them to move from the seats reserved for FA staff.

In her testimony, she wrote: “I asked them to move, but they refused and were incredibly rude and abusive to me, saying things like ‘we can sit where we want, fuck off’.”

An argument ensued that nearly brought me to tears.”


It came after Colleen claimed her post was a “last resort” and told the court she was “surprised” by how badly it exploded.

Today, she said she “hated every minute” of the aftermath, but the court was told she had a Scooby-Doo meme on her phone about “exposing the villain.”

Colleen also said she tried “in vain” three times to settle the multi-million dollar case before it went to trial.

She said, “I was silent… I don’t want to be here… It was Mrs. Vardy who brought me here.”

Colleen became a detective in October 2019 and accused Rebecca of sharing stories from her personal Instagram account.

In the infamous post, Colleen said she posted a number of false stories through her restricted Instagram account to see if they appeared in the media, which they did.

She then said that only one person had viewed the fake stories, and ended in a dramatic way: “This is…. . Rebecca Vardy account.

Colleen revealed today how Rebecca texted her asking, “What the hell is this?”

This comes after she shared a quote on her personal Instagram after she decided to share her job as a sleuth saying, “Don’t play games with a girl who can play better.”

Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebecca, who was deeply pregnant at the time, denied the allegations and said she was abused as a result.

When asked if she knew that sharing her work as a detective would result in Rebecca being trolled, Colleen replied, “No, not at all.

“It’s not in my nature.”


This happened after Rebecca broke down the THIRD time when she hit the “offensive” trolls.

She said she was forced to endure “insulting and upsetting” insults from trolls after Colleen’s infamous post about Wagat went viral.

Rebecca added, “It’s been my life.”

The judge suggested that they take a short break so that Rebecca could recover, although a few moments after returning, she began to cry again.

She broke down when she revealed how her baby was born in December 2019 – just two months after Colleen’s post.

Rebecca admitted that she was “not in the best place” at the time.

She also revealed that she was afraid of losing her baby after Wagata’s fast and said it caused her to suffer from “constant anxiety and panic attacks”.

Summing up her testimony, Rebecca said that for the last four days she had felt “intimidated” and “manipulated.”

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Asked why she went to court, she added: “I didn’t do anything wrong – I wanted to clear my name, and not just for myself, for my family and my children.”

The trial continues.

Colleen's evidence continues


Colleen’s evidence continuesCredit: ©Karwai Tan
Wayne will have to testify tomorrow.


Wayne will have to testify tomorrow.1 credit
Colleen previously said her marriage was in trouble because of Wayne's antics.


Colleen previously said her marriage was in trouble because of Wayne’s antics.
Rebekah spent many of her testimony in tears.


Rebekah spent many of her testimony in tears.Credit: Reuters
Colleen accused Rebecca of leaking information to the press.


Colleen accused Rebecca of leaking information to the press.

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