Comedian Tom Green looks unrecognizable on Instagram post

Comedian Tom Green appeared in an Instagram post looking unrecognizable after leaving Hollywood and settling in Canada.

Tom Green looked unrecognizable with a thick beard and long hair after leaving Hollywood to live in a log cabin in the Canadian countryside.

The actor decided to leave the country to pursue a more “laid-back” lifestyle after achieving great success in the entertainment industry. The sun reports.

Green, 50, shocked fans with his new look after returning home, distancing himself from the Hollywood scene.

The comedian recently gave his followers a glimpse of his new life on his Instagram page, showcasing his vision of the beautiful snowy landscape while walking his dog Charlie outside his home in Ottawa.

The movie star then took the time to answer fans’ questions while sitting in his quaint log cabin before venturing outside to enjoy the cold weather with his furry companion.

The video lasted more than an hour as the star took viewers with her throughout the house and enjoyed a walk in the fresh air.

Green often uses the platform to post similar clips and photos of his new, quiet lifestyle in the woods.

In the following video, The Tom Green Show The presenter explained the reason for his long live broadcasts, calling them “ridiculous.”

“I wanted you to know that I know this is ridiculous. This thing, these four-hour live broadcasts of me walking in the woods and all that, you know? I want you to understand that there is motivation behind this, ”he began.

“You’re probably thinking who the hell is going to watch all of this, right? The answer is that no one is really going to watch all of this, the amount that I broadcast live. “

Greene continued, “In fact, most people won’t watch even five minutes, and this is where it gets pretty exciting, because once you’ve spent about an hour streaming someone else, at that moment I realize that … I really will only talk to people who are really in awe of what is happening.

“You guys are a captured audience. And at that moment, because nobody is really looking … I might start to add some very experimental and very strange silly things, like performances … I have fun because it is funny. “

New way of life

In a recent interview with Ottawa MagazineGreene talked about his newfound lifestyle and how he helped him become “creatively relaxed” in his career.

“I have developed many new technical and creative skills through photography and music. I am currently recording an album. I am also going to organize a photo exhibition of some of my work, which I did while traveling in my van, ”the comedian said about his future endeavors.

Green also talked about what attracted him to the desert, away from the hustle and bustle of California, which he explained: huge cities “.

That Road trip The star is content with his secluded small-town life, saying, “When I’m in Ottawa, I definitely feel at home. When I was in Los Angeles, I was always interested and great there, but I never felt at home. “

Career achievements

Greene rose to prominence in the entertainment industry in the 1990s when his television show The Tom Green Show was broadcast on MTV.

His success continued to grow as he appeared in films such as Road trip, Charlie’s Angels, Freddie got fingers, among others.

He was briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore from 2001 to 2002.

Later in his career, he also hosted internet talk shows, Tom Green’s house tonight continuing his comedic career.

This story first appeared on The sun and posted here with permission

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