Community friends actors in real life?

According to Alison Brie, who played Annie in all six seasons of Community, the cast of the comedy series still hang out regularly. “The text message chain is constantly interrupted,” Bree told the publication. Yahoo! “Today we have already corresponded seven times,” she added. Danny [Pudi] and Ken [Jeong] saw each other at an event last night, so they sent pictures. We are constantly texting. It is very cute. I love these guys.”

Pudi and Chon also remained on Community for all six seasons of its run, even as actors such as Chevy Chase and Donald Glover departed the show. With the cast including characters played by Jonathan Banks, Keith David and Paget Brewster, it’s pretty hard to predict who might return in the long-rumored film.

Chase, in particular, contradicted with Community creator Dan Harmon and seems unlikely to return as a result. Similarly, Glover left the series under somewhat auspicious circumstances and may not want to resurrect his role as sluggish jock Troy Barnes in film. Either way, it’s nice to know that some actors still talk regularly.

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