Conan O’Brien awkwardly scolds a celebrity for falling in love with him

Conan O’Brien is forgiving of his career and thanks the likes of Lisa Kudrow for believing in his ability.

In truth, his success is due to his entertaining manner, even during awkward interviews with the likes of Kari Wuhrer, the host manages to shine brightly.

Heck, we can say the same about his great debate with Jennifer Garner that day, they created great television.

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This particular moment, which we will look at today, was also interesting to observe. Conan was next to Ellie Mackie, and the interview took a rather unexpected turn when the host dug up an old tweet from that day. While this was intended as a compliment, Conan did not take it as such.


Conan O’Brien flirted with his guests

Do a quick scan at Youtube and it will become apparent very quickly, just like Craig Ferguson, Conan O’Brien loves to flirt with his guests.

A selection has been made showing more than a few instances of Conan flirting with some of his past guests. Among the most memorable are none other than Nicole Scherzinger, since the presenter was blown up for starring in one of the parts of the star’s body …

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This was just the beginning as Conan was also seen starring and flirting with Jennifer Love Hewitt as the actress looked pretty radiant during the interview. Conan knows how to lick his lips, which is another topic of his interview when he starts flirting.

Sharon Stone can confirm this as well, as Conan reminisced about his past from “Basic instincts‘, and how the moment was the most stalled in the history of cinema.

Interestingly, at some point on his show the opposite happened, and let’s just say O’Brien reacted a little differently. In truth, he made his guest explode, and here’s why.

Conan O’Brien fried Ellie Mackie for tweeting about how she’s in love with him

Ellie Mackie took part in ‘Conan‘show. The actress is best known for her work in ‘Crashed along with dubbing Giggle in ‘Toy Story 4‘. The interview was on the right track when Conan decided to dig up a 2016 tweet that said the following.

Fans expected the host to be flattered by the compliment, however, he wasn’t happy with the context of the tweet.

“Wait. This is the problem here, all “this is weird,” you have to qualify it that way. “

“My question is why no one can say, ‘I fell in love with Brad Pitt, isn’t that crazy? “But you act like your tweet will blow up the universe.”

To Ellie’s credit, she responded beautifully to this challenge: “It was because I was directing my teenage self, you know, you get a little nervous.”

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Conan also cheerfully questioned her choice of emoji: “I don’t know why all emojis cry and sweat. I’m just saying that a lot of them don’t give me pleasure. “

Things will get even more embarrassing when another tweet is posted in which Ellie complements the host with her tall, dark and handsome look. Conan roasted the guest again, mentioning that he was the whitest person in the area.

Fans have been in awe of the talk show moment, and as it turns out, Maki is not alone when it comes to her love of celebrities.

Fans think falling in love with Conan is unusual

The moment was viewed by almost a million fans on Conan’s Channel.Coco’s teamYoutube page. In truth, fans had a lot to say about this moment, in particular the fact that, like the Macs, they too had crush Conan in the past.

“Honestly, Conan is attractive. Aside from his looks, I love his kindness to everyone, especially his employees. He also tries to immerse himself in other cultures by immersing himself in the lives of the locals, not to mention his wit and comedy. I love Conan! “

“SAME! My constant fascination with Conan dates back to 1998 when I first discovered him. It is safe to say that it has survived and has survived all other hobbies. This is fine? IT? Yes it is”.

“I seriously love Conan. And he’s a big gulp of water! His personality is out of this world and he is FUN !!!! I love him to death. Love you Coco! Please invite me to the show. “

Despite Conan’s feelings during this particular interview, it seems like falling in love with a host is not a common thing.

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