Confused pregnant bride after her future husband’s best friend suggested he take a paternity test

In some cultural traditions, a person’s best friend is considered a full member of his family, and sometimes even more important. Of course, we live in a modern civilized society, but true friendship is still highly valued. And some people use it too much.

Of course, it’s great to have a friend who always tells you the truth – in all situations, no matter how delicate they may be. But sometimes the presence of such a person in the family becomes a threat to the existence of the family itself. And then you have to make, perhaps, the most difficult choice of your entire life.

For example, like the fiancé of this woman, whose post in the AITA Reddit community has already gained about 10.7 thousand votes and collected more than 1.5 thousand different comments. The topic turned out to be close to many – apparently, they are familiar with such straightforward friends firsthand.

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The original poster and her fiancé were planning a wedding when they found out she was pregnant.

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So, the original poster and her fiancé were planning a wedding when they found out she was pregnant. When the future spouses went to the mother-in-law’s house to talk about the upcoming joyful event, the bride’s best friend Jason was among the family members.

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The groom’s best friend was a particular man known for his brutal honesty.

This Jason was known for his peculiar behavior – he often behaved too bluntly, telling people what he thought right to their faces, and not at all caring if his words offended them. However, OP’s fiancé told her more than once that he loved Jason, despite his, as he himself put it, “imperfect character.”

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Jason glared at OP, so she knew he was clearly about to say something inappropriate.

So, when OP and her fiancé told everyone about the future family member, Jason suddenly stared at OP and she felt uneasy. Perhaps it was because the OP had previously worked in the sex industry, so Jason, who knew this fact for sure, was clearly about to blurt out something completely inappropriate.

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Jason suggested that his best friend take a paternity test immediately

And so it happened. Jason walked right up to his best friend and said quite loudly, “Just three words, man. Paternity test, urgent! Everyone was shocked, but no more so than OP and her fiancé.

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The OP got mad at Jason and just canceled his invitation to their future wedding.

The woman demanded that Jason immediately explain what he wanted to express in his own words, but he, apparently realizing that he had said something really stupid, began to evade, as if he was just joking, and accused the OP himself of being just a lama from drama, always ready to make a scandal out of the blue.

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OP’s fiancé and his in-laws told her she had gone too far

The OP replied that she did not want to see Jason at their future wedding at all, after which he left, repeating that he did not want to hurt anyone. As a result, the groom and his relatives, despite the fact that they condemned the straightforward friend, nevertheless told the OP that she had gone too far, and Jason’s behavior should be taken more calmly.

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However, people on Reddit were massively supportive of the original poster.

However, the people in the comments on Reddit were unanimous and fully supported the OP. Jason, according to some commentators, invaded their privacy, and even if he had any reasonable suspicions about his friend’s fiancee, he should have talked to him personally, face to face. Otherwise, he just looks like a poisonous jerk.

And some commentators also said that the OP’s fiance shouldn’t have put up with such disrespect for his future wife at all – and it doesn’t really matter that it was his best friend. Such brutal honesty is no excuse for the terrible things this man said.

We, in turn, will gladly accept from you any rude frankness in your comments about this situation. And if you also share a similar story from your own experience – perhaps we will consider you our best friends!

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