Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cara Delevingne walks the steps of the MET Gala 2021

Of Matt Gala It’s back, and as much as it comes with beautiful art, glitter, and old-fashioned Hollywood waves, there’s always someone who makes a splash with the strongest political rhetoric.

Alexandria Occasio Cartes (AKA the AOC) not only to enhance these amazing looking steps, but also the work (Because fighting for people’s rights is a full-time job). The AOC went for a dress with a very bold political statement that was spread all over the back, and she was not alone: Kara Delevingne. Hide your political message in the front.

First of all, AOC. The Congresswoman wore a beautiful floor-length white gown from Brother Wallace, with a political slogan: ‘Tax Rich’ in a reddish-brown color, with a font size of 1,000. The statement is spread in your back compared to a party where a better part of the audience is part of 1 of – so the statement is very applicable.

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“Tax the Rich” was also read in his bag, only if the message did not reach home. As far as her beauty is concerned, she became a sleek backpack adorned with flowers for a more delicate nude lip and soft glam.

We can only assume that this dress will be * literally * spinning all night long.

The AOC is raising the issue of taxes, suggesting in interviews that incomes over 10 10 million may need to be taxed up to 70%, especially if stopping climate change becomes a priority. Go

This young, working-class woman who has traditionally entered the elite, male-dominated space has worked really hard to bring about real change and fight for the everyday working American. We didn’t expect anything less.

As far as Kara is concerned, while she did not reveal much about the ‘Peg de Patriarch’ spread over the chest of her white bullet vest, she said that it is a powerful feminist statement and is primarily patriarchal. Has a middle finger but he eventually advised us to ‘Google it’ and so we did, and that’s what we found out.

According to Google: “Luna Matas invented the Peg de Patricki in 2015 to provoke outrage about breaking the patriarchal system. Patriarchy has no gender, working to eliminate it is good for all of us. ۔ ” Well, you heard what the woman said. Kara gave us a bold reminder of why we need to end this oppressive system.

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