‘Construction Fail’ Online Group Shares Photos of ‘Construction Gone Wrong’ (53 Pics)

Safety and quality above all else, right? I wish! The real world doesn’t work that way. Care, common sense, and real effort are sometimes completely ignored during construction projects, replaced by speed, shoddy workmanship, and risking your neck (sometimes quite literally). ).

Whether due to a lack of skills, budget constraints, or complete disregard for safety protocols, some construction workers have taken the Internet by storm with the fruits of their labor. The worst of the bunch ends up being the worst. r/ConstructionFails subreddit. This online community shames everything construction-related gone wrong. Things that would probably drive OSHA or a structural inspector into a frenzy and sweat with worry.

Whatever you may be thinking, dear panda, we assure you it’s a lot worse. Scroll down to see how bad things can get. If we have an architecture and design professional in our house today, make sure you don’t faint. And don’t forget your hard hats!

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