Corporate millennial turmoil is real and there are painful painful memes to prove it.

While the boomers enjoy what they deserve (Cough, eyeroll, cough) Retirement with pools and equipment in 200-square-meter homes – after all, those who are rapidly benefiting from the current housing market – are trying to maintain their millennial office job that is barely ahead. ۔ Certainly not for home ownership, since In the United States, domestic prices rose 31.2 percent In two years, the dream of this era is basically making it impossible. And when Adidas says nothing is impossible, let me tell you, some things really do happen.

So let’s get back to the office job that you barely get enough for a daily bio avocado (you need to get that healthy fat!), Sunday hangover food, a good skin moisturizer, and an Amazon Prime account. If it keeps you awake at night, you are not alone. Corporate millennial anxiety is a real thing, and the sooner it is recognized, the sooner we will be able to help our lost souls.

Thankfully, there’s a safe place to talk about difficult millennial things, aka work, shifts, overtime, balance, payroll, career (who even coined the word!), Due to job stress. Weight gain and dark circles under the eyes. Welcome to the account of the most painfully accurate and ruthlessly ridiculous corporate millennial memes known as my peer-to-peer assessment. “Corporate millennial turmoil

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