Could this be the worst injury in the history of ‘Down Deck’?

Spoiler alert: Details of the September 13, 2021 episode of ‘Bell Deck Made’ are discussed below!When it comes down to it Under the deck med.The question that remains in everyone’s mind is …Why hasn’t Lexi Wilson been fired yet? Not only has she been on a lot of lines this season, but she looks like someone else is at work. During the crew’s dinner tonight from the boat, the chef Mat and Lexi re-entered, and things got really ugly.

Even though all eyes were on the crew’s food, it looks like the biggest jaw drop was none other than David’s hot tub fall, which made it the worst injury in deck history, if not! It all happened after a fun night riding on Lady Michelle, where David was definitely feeling himself, and of course New Stove, Delaney Evans..

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Evans joined the cast last week, and while her resume speaks to her long and skilled experience in the yachting business, it seems she’s not that good when it comes to becoming a stove. ۔ Despite his immediate appearance in the series, he has certainly caught David’s eye, and since then. Milia White made friends.It is clear he is ready to move on, but could it be with Delaney?

David Pascoe takes a tumble.

Under the deck med. It’s been quite a season so far, and it looks like the drama is not going anywhere, anytime soon! With only two charters left for the crew, much remains to be done, including some emerging romances, and, of course, the feud between Malia White and Captain Sandy Yvonne.

Sandy can be seen telling Malia that she “doesn’t trust him”, and it seems like it’s all coming down to Malia who doesn’t report any major injury to her deck staff David Pascoe. ۔ Considering the wounds always meant getting on a boat, White didn’t go ahead with writing about David’s fall, and with the temptation to fall, you would think the crew would have taken him more seriously. ۔

During tonight’s episode, the staff says goodbye to their primaries and says hello to having fun and drinking a lot at night. As the cast party at night in the hot tub riding Lady Michelle, it looks like David Pascoe has gone a little too far, and we mean literally and figuratively.

While the crew was passing him in the hot tub, David Pascoe found himself a moment of his life, and the next day his life shining before his eyes! As he walked along with the Jacuzzi, David took a step to the shore, completely missing. Take away some coffee

Fans pointed out that although there have been minor injuries in the past, nothing comes close to David’s downfall. Fortunately for Pascoe, he completely avoided hitting his head, however, his stomach and leg definitely had a big beating. Asked if he was OK, David quickly said he wasn’t, however, neither the production nor the cast really did much after that.

Deckhand popped some Tylenol and removed it, however, the major wound that followed made it clear that he was not joking when he revealed that he was not well. Although alcohol played a key role in his downfall, he could have been upset if he had just walked away from his love for Delaney Evans.

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Do David and Delaney meet?

Delaney Evans became part of the final installment of the crew and, sadly, as long as she wanted to, it was her only and only charter this season. although. Katie had her concerns. With the arrival of the Debent Crew member aboard the yacht, she seems to be considering doing all of Lexi Wilson’s work. Considering Delaney’s mind and beauty, it’s no surprise that David liked her at first, despite the fact that her name was “Andrea” when they first met.

After an immediate discussion of Delaney’s social media posts, both Mizzi and David agreed that she could be potentially heartbreaking, and it looks like she might be. David, however, let things go in the hot tub, mainly when it came to his dancing, and claimed, “Either way.” [sex] It’s going to happen or not, and I’m definitely taking a shot, “David said.

“The guest cabin is still looking great,” David added, noting that he certainly has his eyes on Delaney, however, that doesn’t seem to have responded to that feeling. While the two shared some beautiful moments, especially when playing in the street, Delaney dropped David a second time. Oops.

Pascoe is having a hard time when it comes to her romance on the show, and Malia White doesn’t want to do anything with David, it seems like Delaney is giving her the same “just friend” energy, and His path continues, we don’t blame him.

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