Couple asked blender maker Vitamix for empty boxes after cats took new blender and box hostage

If you’ve been on the Internet long enough or are a proud servant of feline overlords, you know that cats are kings (or queens).

But if you don’t belong to any of the aforementioned categories, there is an amazing example of how powerful a feline influence can be when it comes to the relationship between pets and owners.

There is an open letter circulating on the Internet about two women who acquired a blender, three cats who appropriated this blender along with all its brand new contents, and the ensuing conflict.

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Have you ever wondered what is the most stationary object on the planet? Yes, the cat, of course!

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

So, at the start of the new year, on January 3, a woman named Jessica Gerson-Nieves went to Facebook, specifically to the Vitamix page in Canada, where she posted an open letter to Vitamix about a strange request she had. Very detailed, mind you.

And this woman shared how steadfast a cat can be, even asking a blender brand to help them.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

The story goes that she and her partner bought a Vitamix blender. However, it has been two and a half weeks since they did it and they couldn’t use it at all. Don’t even unpack it. The reason is that their 3 cute cats Max, George, Destroyer of Worlds and Lando Calrissian have captured him.

Once they put the box on the kitchen floor and left it on for a second, the trio introduced themselves and actually started playing king of the hill with it. “And that was the beginning of the end,” Jessica wrote in her Facebook post.

And no, this is not to mix cats, you stupid goose, but to get their sturdy boxes, which they use as packaging.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

For several weeks, the crate was always occupied by at least one cat. And of course they can’t drive the cats away – it’s just ridiculous! Photos and updates of the fight continued to hit the Facebook group. THIS CAT CHONKYwhere he gained quite a lot of followers. And the whole deal even got its own name: The Great Vitamix Incident of 2021 and / or Appliancegate

Anyway, the couple decided to contact Vitamix. But requesting a completely new squad, let alone three, would be a ludicrous idea, and they admitted it. No, they went for a much simpler solution by asking for empty blender boxes just like they have the exact appeal and strength.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

They were very apologetic, even ashamed, calling their request strange, but desperate. But none of that mattered as Vitamix heard their request and responded, not only reassuring them that they did the right thing, but promising to get them some boxes, because in the end they should enjoy their blender.

Jessica’s long open letter was also accompanied by some of the best requisitioned box updates.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

This useful exchange became an instant success on the Internet, garnering over 11,000 likes and nearly 4,000 shares on this post alone. There have also been numerous likes on each of Jessica’s different Facebook group posts, with the various confrontations she has had with her cats.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

People loved it all, not only because it was fun and adorable, but also because of the happy ending with Vitamix promising to help with all the cat box problem in the couple’s household.

Image credits: Jessica Gerson-Neeves

Believe it or not, Vitamix responded and promised to deliver these boxes to them so they can finally enjoy their blender after a few weeks.

Image credits: Vitamix

You can check the full post herebut don’t run away just yet and tell us how you would try to resolve this situation, or share your situations with immobile cats in the comment section below!

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