Couples on “Island of Temptations” are still together

Over time, we were repeatedly reminded of how complex the concept of love is. Although two people in a relationship can be in love, Temptation Island proved that falling in love may not be enough to keep people from cheating.

The show originally aired on the Fox network in 2001, but then discontinued for a while and then returned to the US network in 2019. Temptation Island tells the story of the lives of four couples who are kept away from their partners to live separately in a place filled with single people of the opposite sex. For some, this is an opportunity to check the loyalty of their partners, while others use it to confirm their choice of a soul mate. Many have failed in this direction, but some of the participants managed to keep their heads high. These are pairs from Temptation Island still together.

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6 Javen Butler and Shari Ligones

Javen and Shari were on Temptation Island during its first season and are arguably the oldest surviving couple from the series. The couple have been together since high school and made it clear that they were doing well. Temptation Island for specific reasons. For Javen, it was more or less to prove to the love of his life that he would be faithful no matter the circumstances. On the other hand, Shari never had many male friends in the past and she just wanted to explore this path. When Shari began to realize how independent she was from Javen, most viewers thought she would probably leave the house alone, but they had a different matter.

At the end of the season, Javen dropped to one knee and asked a big question. However, affairs with the couple changed dramatically when some revelations were made. It all started when Justin Sturm announced that he met Shari while they were on the show. Then, in 2020, Shari talked about some of she dealt with, saying, “I no longer tolerate verbal, emotional or psychological abuse from someone who should ‘love’ me.” she concluded the statement by adding that people should not “feel compelled to continue a relationship just because someone is pulling you into it.” It’s not worth the headache and your sanity. ” Just an hour later, Javin replied: “I’m not perfect, I’m sorry you feel this way… I love you, but I am not keeping you here by force. You are smart, strong and confident. I believe you have learned from your mistakes, but some things take time and do not disappear for some people. I’m here for you, Shari. ” The troubles in heaven seem to be over as they are still busy and working to improve their relationship.


5 Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson

For Chelsea and Thomas coming to Temptation Island was important so that they could work on existing trust issues in their relationship. Over time, Chelsea became disillusioned with Thomas’ flirting habits. Thomas, on the other hand, felt that his girlfriend should express doubts to him more often. On the way to the show, the couple set strict boundaries for themselves, but The Island showed them that this was a different ball game with different rules. Since they violated these established boundaries for themselves, fans naturally assumed that the relationship would end by the fire, however, they surprised everyone when they decided to stay together.

When it came time to reunite, the couple were still together but admitted that they had trust issues. After the reunion, fans continued to question whether the pair could go very far, and they surpassed all odds. Lately, the couple have taken advantage of social media, more specifically Instagram, to understand what actually happened while they were on the show. Live on Instagram, Chelsea admitted that producers pressured couples to put on a show by cheating on their partners. She said, “The producers made fun of it a lot, in fact, for not giving them enough. We had producers in our ears and there is a lot of pressure and there is alcohol. “

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4 Erin Smith and Corey Sobchik

Temptation Island spoils a lot of couples, and this couple was no exception. Erin and Corey already had some problems before coming to the show. In Erin’s head, she wasn’t entirely sure that Corey was the man for her. While Corey was bothered by thoughts of inferiority, since all of Erin’s previous boyfriends were professional athletes. The couple featured in the third installment of the show, and it was brutal as they had to endure temptation like never before.

During the show, the couple did not cheat on each other, in fact, it made Erin realize that Corey was the right man for her, while Corey’s insecurity issues faded over time. However, at the reunion, everything was very different. Despite the couple leaving the island together, the reunion revealed that after a while, their affairs went south. It was a shock to everyone because they seemed to be out of the show harder than ever. It was later revealed that their problems did not last long when they got back together.

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3 Kristen Ramos and Julian Allen

Kristen and Julian were probably the cutest couple from the third season, and like most of the other couples that starred on the show, the couple set goals before getting to the island. For most of the fans following the show, this couple seemed like the only ones getting hacked. Temptation Island… It was an opportunity for Kristen to find out if she could trust Julian because he made mistakes in the past.

Not only that Julian’s height resulted in him taking responsibility for his past actions, but he also remained faithful to her throughout the course. After a successful performance on the show, Julian decided it was time to work things out and asked Kristen to marry him. At the reunion, the couple announced their wedding date and how much they are looking forward to it.

2 Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland decided to part ways

Los Angeles-based couple Erica and Kendal were exceptional on the show because from the outset, the turbulent nature of their relationship intrigued most fans. Although they dated for nearly three years, Erica saw her man as a knight in shiny armor, while Kendal doubted she was keeping up with his exciting lifestyle. Everything was going smoothly for Erica, and so she decided to bring them to the island, not knowing that it would lead to her great chagrin. Shortly after their arrival on Island, Kendal cheated on her, she found out about it and got out of the equation. They are currently both happy and focused on their careers, although they are no longer together.

one Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur didn’t

This couple was not having the easiest pastime. Island of Temptation, but somehow they managed to leave the island together. However, when the Reunion came around, Ashley and Rick talked about some of the challenges they faced as a couple and decided to end it a few weeks after the show. Ashley later took to her Instagram and announced that she and Rick are working on building a lasting friendship, because they do not want to completely disappear from each other’s lives.

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