COVID-19 has given Glass Onion a unique way to define characters

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly‘Glass Bow’ actor Kate Hudson revealed that the way each character in the movie choosing to wear their COVID-19 masks says a lot about their personality. Throughout the global pandemic, masking has become a cultural and political flashpoint, with some refusing to wear a mask and others doing so even without a government mandate. Along with the notoriety of masks, a number of subjective opinions have emerged based on how people choose to wear them. Personal and political beliefs are often projected onto anyone who avoids a mask, while the opposite is assumed for someone who wears a mask vigilantly. What values ​​are projected onto someone’s masking presentation depends entirely on the beliefs of the person doing the projection.


According to Hudson, this dynamic has become a useful shorthand for defining the characters in The Glass Bow, who, like the characters in the original Knives Out, diverge at different points on the political spectrum. Hudson said: “Great reference to how we all wear masks. Do you have Lionel [the scientist] appears in a double mask. I appear, for example, in a lace or mesh mask. Claire appears and he hangs down like a chin strap. Benoit Blanc has a very chic and tight mask.”

Few films still openly address the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps the most powerful offering so far has been Steven Soderbergh’s Kimi, a Rear Window thriller defined by the claustrophobia of lockdowns. In addition, many projects have been inspired by the pandemic, even if not directly related to it, the most notable examples being White Lotus and Only Murders in the Building, both of which were developed to film around Hollywood’s COVID-19. 19 security protocols. But The Glass Bow may still be the defining film of these strange times.

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