Craig Ferguson completely lost him every time on Late Late Show

Craig Ferguson couldn’t help laughing during the host of Late Late. This is one of the many reasons Craig has embodied the type of talk show host the world needs right now. Unlike many of his predecessors, Craig was neither a politician nor a fake. He was just great at the genre with his gay skeleton pal Jeff Peterson. Of course, Jeff is one of the “people” that made Craig laugh the most. While many of his star guests have done the same, there is no doubt that Craig’s most famous fits of laughter were triggered by a satirical buddy voiced by Josh Robert Thompson.

Whether Craig absolutely lost him to his co-host or one of his famous talk show guests, fans loved it. In fact, they still exist. Craig Ferguson’s Laughter Attacks is very popular on Youtube. Thanks to Youtube channels like JayLeno Fly, fans can enjoy them. Years after leaving The Late Late Show in 2014, the Scottish comedian continues to inspire fans to delve into his iconic moments. This is because Craig brings real joy. And there is nothing more joyful than when he makes himself cry after a bowel break. Here are the funniest moments when Craig laughed …

12 Jeff Peterson & Craig Enjoy Duffy Dook’s “Simple Pleasures”

Craig started laughing like a little boy, imitating a German man saying “Duffy Duck.” Running Jeff Peterson, Josh Robert Thompson started laughing too. Of course, Craig couldn’t afford it and continued with his accent, making the email segment truly fun.


eleven Craig Ferguson and Kristen Bell talk about the “elephant”

A simple conversation between two friends can turn into one of the most hilarious moments. This is exactly what happened when regular Kristen Bell sat in the email segment and the two talked about elephants. Craig completely lost it after ejaculating the same random elephant that Kristen had told him about earlier.

10 Joke About Margaret Thatcher, Craig Couldn’t Understand

Craig laughed, trying to joke, based on an old quote from Margaret Thatcher that men say things and women do their thing. “I love this joke!” Craig said through tears of laughter halfway through, trying to pull it out. In fact, it took him a full minute to stop laughing and finish the joke.

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9 Steve Carrell and Craig Ferguson can’t eat oysters

During his New Orleans performance, Steve Carrell joined Craig to eat oysters. Although the task seemed simple enough, no comedian could handle it without laughing. But the truly hot pepper made them overdo it.

eight “Could it be a possum?”

During an interview with Sophia Bush, Craig made himself laugh at random after suggesting that a possum was crawling in her attic, not a ghost.

7 Craig asks Scarlett Johansson if she did “Jewish yoga”

“Do you know how to do jiu-jitsu, yoga and so on?” Craig asked Scarlett as she promoted her role as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. “How about a combination of both, Jewish yoga …” By the time that burst out of Craig’s mouth, Craig was laughing at himself and pleading with the Jewish actor. not answering his funny mistake. “It was a really honest mistake,” Craig laughed.

6 Getaway to Wilfred Brimley at the Salad Bar

In 2011, Craig told the story of how he ran into famous actor Wilfred Brimley at a salad bar. Jeff asked him if Wilfred had yelled at Craig about diabetes, referring to the famous TV commercial that Wilfred had once made about the disease. As soon as Jeff began to give the impression of Wilfred Brimley, Craig broke down.

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5 Interns in the Secretariat make Craig laugh

While trying to ask Chuck Norris to forgive him for making fun of him, Secretariat (Craig’s fake horse) walked over and nuzzled him. In the middle of the show, Craig started laughing, claiming that he heard two trainees in a horse costume laugh. “I can hear the chuckle of a horse in my head!”

4 Robin Williams had Craig at the seams

During one of the late comedian’s many appearances on The Craig Show, the talk show host was in sewing. While there were many moments during the interview where Craig lost him, none of them made him laugh as much as when Robin slightly named his children after STIs.

3 Craig and a bored audience member in the studio

When Craig noticed a bored viewer feigning a clap in response to one of his jokes, he couldn’t help but laugh. “It was so great,” Craig said. “No one has ever hated me so much and clapped their hands at the same time, except when I was married.” Of course, Craig could not help himself and constantly reminisced about a moment in the show. He also called in another member of the audience who had been the day before, who would randomly get up throughout the show. As soon as he began to tell this story, Craig lost it again.

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2 Prince Charles’ play made him laugh

Throughout The Late Late Show, Craig has dressed up a variety of recurring characters, most of which make him laugh from time to time. One of his most famous was Prince Charles. Of course, his Prince Charles costume was far from flattering. During the beat with Malin Ackerman, Craig saw his clothes on the camera monitor. and started laughing randomly.

one Jeff Peterson has space all over the place and speaks harmonica

Without a doubt, one of Craig Ferguson’s most famous laugh attacks was when Jeff Peterson claimed to have a home in New Orleans… The moment happened when Craig was reading emails from fans. And in every email, Jeff claimed that he had a place in every place that fans wrote from. While the moment may seem harmless enough, in fact, Craig completely lost it. He really burst into tears with laughter. But the moment that pushed Craig to the brink was when Jeff started making harmonica sounds from his mouth.

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