Creepy interviewer does inappropriate things to a candidate and blames her when he gets fired

Many topics are not discussed during the interview. If you get a question about race, color, religion, age, disability, marital status, ancestry, and more, you can get up and leave, closing doors behind you forever. Some, such as faith questions, are only acceptable if the employer can demonstrate that they are bona fide occupational qualifications (BFOQs) that are reasonably necessary for the normal conduct of business.

Unfortunately, there are interviewers who have the audacity to cross the line even further. This recent history about an interview shared by a 27-year-old woman, u/R_Rover_2013, caused quite a stir on the AITA subreddit. “The interviewer, let’s call him Eddie, greeted me at the office and sat me down. First of all, he looked at my resume, and then he began to ask me questions that seemed too personal and not related to work, ”she said.

For example, was she single, was her eye color “real” and even “how do I spend my time when I’m alone and what kind of guys do I like”. It is clear that the author did not like it, who at some point simply broke. Read the full story below to find out how the incident ended.

Also, scroll down to see our interview with Christine Mitterbauer is an ICF licensed and approved career and life coach and serial entrepreneur. who shared some helpful ideas on how to behave when you find yourself in such an uncomfortable situation.

One woman shared an experience she had during a job interview when a recruiter, she said, crossed a line.

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“Questions about whether you are married, do you plan to have children, are you disabled, what is your sexual orientation, do you smoke, are technically illegal, and your alarm bells should ring if the interviewer asks you such questions,” Mitterbeer said. . us through a written interview.

The career coach said that “you should also listen to your intuition if you are asked a question that you are simply uncomfortable with, as this may be a reflection of the work culture of the job in question.” So “asking if you mind working evenings, weekends and holidays is a good example of that if you don’t want to do it,” she added.

If you think a question being asked is illegal, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and say that you’re not sure the question is appropriate or even legal, Mitterbeer argues. “If you’re not sure the question is illegal, but you’re just uncomfortable, you can try asking why the interviewer wants to know.” The coach explained that this could be a good reason, or perhaps a slight misunderstanding due to language or other differences, so her advice is not to be afraid to ask for clarification. “It would be a shame to turn down a job because of a misunderstanding,” she said.

“If, after asking a clarifying question, you still feel uncomfortable, then listen to your inner feeling. Good cultural fit is very important for your long-term happiness in the company, so if the interviewer makes you feel uncomfortable, there is a good chance that you will experience the same anxiety if you accept a job in the company, ”concluded Mitterbeer.

The author also answered people’s questions by giving some background to this unfortunate situation.

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