Crime thriller The Smack just added the 1883 lead to its all-star cast

Isabelle May, who plays the strong-willed and resourceful Elsa Dutton in the Paramount+ western 1883, has joined the cast of Taste (via Hollywood Reporter). She will play the daughter of protagonist Rowan Petty (Affleck), a con man trying to do a huge job to get out of the hole. Her role was not named, but it was revealed that Petty’s daughter distanced herself from her criminal father while addressing her own health issues. With her magnetic and multi-dimensional portrayal of Elsa, we can expect more from this role that hints at heavy drama and family tension.

Considering what a huge success 1883 turned out to be, it’s no wonder May followed suit with a star-studded film. In an interview with air mail, she was asked about being turned down for 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan’s crime series The Mayor of Kingstown due to his promise to work with her in the future, which turned out to be a western drama series. May responded, “I’m an optimistic person, but I don’t necessarily have a lot of faith in Hollywood. [Sheridan] very, but no expectations.” He was serious, and now Hollywood.

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