Critical Response to Blonde Confirms What We Suspected About NC-17 Biopic All along

Finished rotten tomatoes, “Blonde” has so far received a 50% rating based on over 100 compiled reviews. The consensus reads: “‘Blonde’ can be hard to watch as she oscillates between commenting on exploitation and being in it, but Ana de Armas’ brilliant performance makes it hard to look away.” It’s not entirely a surprise response, as Blonde seemed destined to become something of a divisive film by the very fact of its existence.

However, even some of the more positive reviews note that it is de Armas who ultimately keeps the film afloat. “Expressing all these emotions and experiences takes a lot from the de Armas actor, who does an excellent job and makes me turn down the film based on her performance alone,” said Peter Howell of the studio. Toronto Star. In a more negative review, Kim Hughes of Original Qing agreed with de Armas’ portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, but did not find it sufficient to recommend the film. “The gorgeous Ana de Armas is the only reason to watch this relentlessly exploitative biopic that underplays both its star and its subject matter,” she wrote.

However, some positive reviews suggested that Blonde didn’t secure itself or present itself in the way that a typical biopic would. “[Director Andrew] Dominic’s look has its flaws, but his unorthodox style and ambition make it far more intriguing and meaningful than the standard risqué biopic,” said Randy Myers of San Jose Mercury News. In fact, it seems that the pleasure or hatred of “Blonde” will depend entirely on their tolerance for suffering and how willing they are to ignore it for the sake of an incredible central performance.

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