Crown star to replace Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott’s new film

Crown actress Vanessa Kirby will replace Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott’s new film Kitbag.


Actress “Crown” Vanessa Kirby replaces Jodie Comer in Ridley Scott’s new film “Kitbag” after the “Killing Eve” star was forced out of the role due to a lack of schedule.

While Kirby is certainly a sensational actor in her own right, she recently won the award. Oscar nominated for Pieces of a Woman – it’s fair to say that Scott may be saddened by the news that Comer has made such a splash in his film The Last Stand.


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Comer is busy preparing for her West End debut on One Woman’s ‘Prima Facie’

Comer’s busy schedule comes as no surprise given the success she achieved in 2021. A total of three films have been released in which Jody starred – “Help”, “The Last Stand” and “Free Guy.” It is noteworthy that her next endeavor will be her debut in the West End, where she will perform in play by one woman “Prima Facie”.

Kitbag’s cast is already showing great promise: Joaquin Phoenix and Yousef Kerkur have confirmed they will be joining Kirby in the drama.

In accordance with IMDb the film will consist of “An original and personal look at the origins of Napoleon Bonaparte and his quick and ruthless rise to the emperor, viewed through the prism of his exciting and often unstable relationship with his wife and only true love, Josephine. “

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Comer received rave reviews for her role in Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel

This is a movie that Jodie will most likely be in a hurry to watch, as she recently revealed. Digital spy that she’s a fan of Ridley’s work. Talking about the special moment between her character Marguerite de Carrouge and her child in The Last Duel, Comer stated, “This is the moment when she leaves that duel and rides on horseback …”

“And I do remember when we played that scene and the dialogue we had, she understood that all that excuse for fighting was never really about her.”

“It wasn’t about worrying about her and her well-being and getting her justice, but about the fact that these two guys, you know, were fighting for themselves.”

“And then you see her, you know, with her baby, and she is happy, and seeing her at that moment after I thought it was really very beautiful.”

She received rave reviews for her role as Margarita, with NMEexclaims Alex Flood “Comer’s acting as the injured Margarita is honest and touching, so far she’s the best.”

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