Cruel night – what do we know so far

Stranger Things’ David Harbor will helm Cruel Night, playing the role of Santa Claus himself.

Per IMDb, the film does not stint on stardom. Rounding out the supporting cast are two ’90s legends: John Leguizamo from Romeo + Juliet and Encanto will appear as Ben, and Beverly D’Angelo from National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise will appear as Ben. Ann. Brendan Fletcher, who starred in The CW series Arrow, will apparently play Krampus, the infamous folklore character who punishes children who have been at fault for a year.

Elsewhere in the film, expect to see Knives Out co-star Edie Patterson, Twilight actor Cam Gigandet, and Alex Hassell, who plays Translucent in The Boys, among others. The film is directed by Tommy Wirkola, best known for other winter horror films Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2: Red vs. the Dead. Screenplay courtesy of Pat Casey and Josh Miller.

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