CSI fans make it clear who their least favorite protagonist is

This is a longstanding public opinion that even George Fox has recognized over the years and talked about him at length – with countless social media surveys and fans expressing deep-rooted hatred towards her character, Sarah Sidle, for some rather random and ridiculous reasons.

“Sara always looks like she just sucked a lemon,” opined one viewer on Reddit in 2020, “Who is the least likable character?” discussion thread. “She also doesn’t seem to have a sense of humor,” the user added. Redditor u/Defini1831 said: “She is very unpleasant and the worst fit for Grissom. How did the writers come up with this couple?

Fox, who played Sidle from season one to the most recent CSI: Vegas reboot in 2021, is well aware of the harsh public criticism surrounding medical examiner and love interest Gill Grissom, and has been for years. “I think Sarah is the least liked character on the show,” Fox said. Entertainment Weekly in 2015. “Obviously, Sarah has her eye on Grissom. He’s our main character and all eyes see the lab through Grissom, especially during the first nine seasons,” Fox explained. “So, in this vision, Sarah suddenly appears… I also think that Sarah is socially awkward and stands her ground no matter what. This can annoy people. She never cared about popularity. get to the bottom of the truth. Maybe for my own survival, I tried to treat it as a compliment. Whether the fans loved you or hated you, at least they were emotionally interested or passionate about Sarah.”

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