Cynthia Addai-Robinson on the role of the Queen of Numenore in “Rings of Power”

I’m gonna drag you back to The Rings for a minute because I have a few questions about your character. We saw a lot more Miriel in Episode 3 and quite a bit more in Episode 4. We’ll see more of her, and there isn’t much in Tolkien’s writings on Tar-Miriel. What was it like coming up with the details needed to fill in things like making her related and giving her a story arc knowing that you have that structure but not so many details to fill it in?

I definitely tried, as much as possible, to do my due diligence and see what details were available in terms of writing, not only specific to the character of Miriel, but also to the larger world of Númenor, Pharazon, and try to accept that information. to then come up with an approach in terms of “How do I portray this person?” One of my approaches [was that] I thought a lot about its origin. I thought a lot about, “What does it mean to be in the lineage and know from birth that one day you will be the leading queen; what would such an upbringing be like?

Also, [there’s] the knowledge of the king and during his reign, what was the reaction to some of the decisions he made for Númenórean society, and how that would affect the type of leader she wanted to be. It was interesting because I have so many things. What’s really exciting about Numenor is that as the story goes on, there’s a lot of room for interesting and complex storytelling within the society and what direction the society is heading in and what the implications are for the common good.

Some of these ideas may be a bit abstract. For me, it was more about Miriel’s state of mind and emotional state in the scenario she found herself in. I kept coming back to this idea of ​​isolation associated with knowledge that other people don’t have and the need to make decisions. which in some way belong to her and only her. She ultimately decides everything… Not only are there not many people she can definitely talk to or go to, including her king and including Pharazon, but there is a sense of inner heaviness, the heaviness of thinking about all this and trying to decide what she can say what she shouldn’t say, that she should reveal what steps she should take, especially after Galadriel’s arrival. Her arrival is the beginning of something that has begun.

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