Dad constantly steals 17 YO daughter’s food, she starts adding lemon to her food on purpose because she is allergic to lemon.

The internet is full of healthy and great parenting advice, the do’s and don’ts of parenting in any given situation. It’s really that simple and new parents can only be grateful for sharing these experiences with them. But what’s scarce on the Internet is advice on what to do with kids with abusive parents.

Imagine a young person who loves his parents very much, has a good relationship with them, but for some reason he does not like a certain trait in their behavior. You can talk once, twice, three times – but nothing changes. In fact, there’s nothing bad or offensive about this behavior, it’s just annoying. Then what to do?

With such a question, the author of A post in the AITA community drew attention to redditors, and his post received 742 upvotes and nearly 130 different comments. The original poster found an interesting solution to her father’s problem, and she just wanted to know if it was valid from other people’s perspectives.

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The original poster is upset that his 50-year-old father constantly carries his food behind his back

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So, the OP is 17 years old and for the past year, she has been seeing her 50 year old father constantly pick up her food where she leaves it. Whatever the girl cooks, whatever she brings home from work or school, as soon as she leaves it unattended for a while, her father immediately eats it.

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Not that Betty was strongly against it, but it was slowly getting on her nerves. Just imagine – you have brought home something delicious and healthy from work, looking forward to eating it – and lo and behold – the deliciousness has been eaten. This, you see, is a shame.

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The girl tried to talk to her father but to no avail.

And it’s a shame that Dad didn’t even ask for permission at all – he just ate and besides, he didn’t even tell her that he had eaten. The girl was strong for a long time and tried to talk with her father, but nothing helped. As a result, he had to move from talk to action.

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OP started adding lemon juice to literally everything she cooked or brought home because her dad is allergic to lemons.

The fact is that the man is allergic to lemons, so Betty decided to add lemon juice to literally everything she cooked or brought home. However, he had warned his father that the food contained lemon to avoid health problems – but now the stealing of food has stopped.

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The OP admitted that every time she told her father that there was lemon or lemon juice in the food, he got very upset. As a result, the girl began to worry about whether she really offended her beloved father, and decided to ask the redditors for advice.

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People in the comments approved the idea and also found that the OP is not alone with this problem.

We must say that people in the comments supported the OP, arguing that he did everything right – first, came up with a fairly original solution to deal with his father’s childishness, and second, that Making sure to warn her about her father’s lemons. Food to avoid health problems.

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Needless to say, some commenters told the OP that he is not alone in his problem with his father, and many parents are, too. For example, one of the people in the comments said that he started adding black pepper when cooking specifically to prevent his mother from stealing the food.

What’s more, such tricks also shape people’s eating habits – for example, one commenter even started covering all his food with parmesan, because his father always tasted his children’s food. Loved it, but hated parmesan. As a result, commenters can no longer imagine their meals without this cheese.

We wonder if your parents ever ate your food without asking you, and if so, how did you deal with a similar problem? Also, let us know what you think of this story, or better yet, give us your own opinion in the comments.

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