Dad helps women with postpartum depression after wife kills herself

A dad named Stephen D’Achille is helping women suffering from postpartum depression after his wife took her own life and it’s so good to see.

Stephen D’Achille has experienced many emotional tragedies after his thirty-year-old wife Alexis committed suicide, suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis.

His beloved wife tragically tried to commit suicide 2 days before her death on October 10, 2013.

Now, in recent years, postpartum depression has increased dramatically, or at least has become a topic that people are trying to talk about more openly.

A to study found that one in seven women suffered from postpartum depression within the first year after giving birth.

But when it comes to finding help, it gets harder and harder.

How it was for Stephen’s wife, Alexis.

“Alexis knew she was in trouble. It was quite clear to her what she was afraid of. But it was always: “Go home. You are not crazy, “Stephen said. People

But people forget that just because a person might appear to be okay doesn’t mean they are, as Alexis began to feel suicidal thoughts after Adriana, her then newborn baby, wrapped the umbilical cord around her neck several times.

“My wife believed that her first act of motherhood hurt her daughter.” – Stephen expressed

Then he said that each day got worse than the last.

“She heard phantom cries of children, so she could not sleep. She didn’t eat. She lost 50 pounds in five and a half weeks, ”he said. said

And in the end, after being denied the help she needed to cope with depression, she was tragically found by her husband after attempting suicide and died 2 days later.

Stephen, now with a huge hole in his heart, found a way to channel his grief by being able to help other women with their postpartum depression by running Alexis Joy Foundation

It helped a lot what Stephen discovered Alexis Joy Center for perinatal mental health.

And he, together with the center, became a hero for struggling mothers.

Already helping a whopping 6,000 women desperate for help.

“It’s too late for Alexis, but my daughter, God willing, will someday have children, and I don’t want her to face the obstacles we face.

“We live in the greatest country in the world. How did the new mom not get the help she needed? ” he interrogated

And according to the news outlet, 1 person he helped struggled with anxiety after the birth of their daughter. Brittany Kenna, a struggling mother, said, “I went in a spiral after my daughter was born, but the psychiatrist helped me with medications and therapy,” before explaining that she would still be “lost” if not for help center.

Stephen will always miss a large part of his heart …

But opening a center that helps women who are experiencing the same things as his wife helped not only them, but also him.

“This was my therapy,” he said. “I don’t want Alexis to die in vain.”

If you are suffering from postpartum depression, reach out and talk to someone. You are not alone, even if it seems to you that you are alone.

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