Dad wrote to his wife that the kitchen was on fire because she left the child for “too long”

Most of the time we see a mom carrying her babies on her hips, right? Well, when that bear mom told her husband that she would be gone 2 hours while he looked after their cub …

Instead, she was absent for 4 hours.

So what did he do? He told her that the kitchen was on fire, so she returned home. Ouch

Maybe a little extreme …

And a lot of Reddit users think he was out of line as Mom posted the entire incident on the platform asking for advice on whether she’s a ** hole or not.

On the platform, she starts with speaking: “Hi. I am a (31 year old woman) sakhm and my husband works full time. To be honest, his job is very demanding and he can hardly find the strength to sit down and eat after he gets home. 9 month old son, and I obviously take on most of his worries, but my husband plays and sleeps with him at night. ”

She then continued, “My sister’s wedding is approaching and we have already received an invitation, but the point is, I had to go to the clothing stores and get my hair done. I asked my husband on his day off if he could stay with our son for just 2 hours until I get back, and he seemed hesitant to ask a lot of “what if” questions, but I promised that he was will receive, and I will be quick. He shrugged his shoulders and said: “Okay, come on … but 2 hours and not a minute more!”

But she didn’t know much, he really meant that she couldn’t be a minute later than she agreed.

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When she was separated from her child and husband, she was bombarded with phone calls. So she turned off her phone while she was in the salon until, of course, she checked the message that said she needed to rush home immediately because the kitchen was on. Fire

“My heart sank, I froze and began to call my sister. She came, took me home and called the cops, who later notified us that nothing was happening in our area. I was confused, especially after my husband did not answer my calls. I rushed into the house and found him pacing about and asking why the hell did it take so long to get home, ”she said. continuation

“I asked about the kitchen fire and he casually said that the kitchen was okay but it wasn’t and he just had to lie to get me to come home after I ignored his calls and left him with our son at 4 o’clock when I said 2, “she wrote.

So the couple got into a big argument, and he said that she shouldn’t have lied to him about how long she’d be away from home, forcing him to take care of her son when caring for a child is “more” her “responsibility” than his. …

The police then showed up and took him to the station to talk about his false statements, and my mother admitted that his family was, “Outraged at how I treated him on his much-needed day off.”

Surprise, surprise … Most of Reddit users said she’s definitely not an ass …

Saying that fatherhood is about partnership and that her husband manipulated and extinguished her. Others suggest that she leave her husband, because she is practically a single mother.

What do you think about this situation? Who was to blame?

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