Daddy-cop Molly Mae viciously trolls after protecting her and El Darby due to “naive” comment

Police officer MOLLY-Mae Haig’s father has been brutally tweeted.

Backlash against Stephen Haig came after he defended influencers and social media stars when his daughter and El Darby were also targeted by trolls.


Molly Mae Haig’s father spoke out to support her but faced backlash1 credit
The star caused a backlash with her comments about the work


The star caused a backlash with her comments about the workCredit: 3

He vehemently pointed out that in the past, people have been “driven to death” following ruthless attacks on the Internet.

Molly, 22, drew backlash with her comments about poverty after she stated in a recent podcast that “we all have the same 24 hours a day.”

Influential fellow Elle has been criticized after many of her racist and greasy ex-tweets have surfaced.

Despite very different problems, both found themselves inundated with abuse, which caused concern for Molly’s father, Stephen.

In a lengthy post, he talked about Elle before moving on to discuss his daughter, who said in the same podcast that she was “scared” that she had a “normal” life like her parents.

He wrote: “It must be tough for media stars, influencers and public figures. Especially the younger ones who are still learning the emotional roller coaster of life.

“It pains me to see people literally driven to death by cruel comments from people who do not know personalities and hide behind the keyboard often on fake accounts, canceling someone for something 5,6,7 or 10 years ago, when the child is deeply naive and indicates a lack of emotional intelligence. “

Addressing the insults his daughter received, he continued, “Then attacking people for a line taken in an interview taken out of context – I wouldn’t mind, but the Netflix CEO appeared on a podcast titled Same 24 Hours. … which has featured many respected business leaders – has not been attacked or canceled.

“I think the context of Molly’s words better matches the title of this podcast:“ We all have the same 24 hours a day. But exactly how we USE those 24 hours affects our health, happiness and success “- but what do I know.”

But some Twitter users were furious over his comments, one of which wrote, “So Molly’s dad is now defending El Darby’s horrific comments? … [sic]”

While this one commented, “Molly May’s father calling El Darby’s comments naive is fucking stupid. [sic]”

Another said, “Molly Mae’s father did come to protect Ellie Darby and classified her widespread racism as naive — that’s disgusting.”


Molly, said to be worth £ 2m, released a statement after some called her “deaf” following comments on CEO diary podcast last month.

A statement released by her team claimed that she was fully aware that people come from different backgrounds and she was just talking about her own experiences.

Elle also made two humiliating apologies and took a hiatus from online.

Elle has been criticized for many racist tweets


Elle has been criticized for many racist tweetsCredit: YouTube

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Molly-Mae Haig caused huge backlash with her “deaf” comments about her success

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