Dale Moss Breaks His Silence on “Unfortunate” Clare Crawley Breakup

Dale Moss He says he wants nothing but the best. Claire Crowley After them Weeks ago.

What is the first public statement of the Bachelor Nation Star on this issue, the representative of Dell told E! It is reported that they formally parted ways in mid-September, when Claire met them in New York City. According to a Dell correspondent, the timeline of events continues, when “Claire again chooses to fly home to Sacramento and asks Dell to send her things.”

Then, the former reunited “after a few weeks”, when Claire’s mother’s health took a turn for the worse, the correspondent shared with E! News Claire had previously confirmed on Instagram that her mother, who has Alzheimer’s and dementia, had recently joined Hospice Care.

The correspondent added, “Dale went to Sacramento last Tuesday morning with Cleary, his mother and his family.” On Wednesday, Dale traveled to Los Angeles for work and intended to Let him go back to Sacramento. Stick with it “

However, it appears that Dell did not choose to fly back, as, the correspondent alleged, “his number was blocked which made it impossible to communicate with Claire.”

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