Dallas Dupree Young talks about his special encounters with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on the Cobra Kai

In an exclusive interview with Looper Dallas, Dupree Young said he had some “very visceral conversations” with both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka when they gave him the season 4 layout and Kenny character arc. “When I spoke with William Zabka, his presence was a wonderful atmosphere for me. He was so respectful and so sweet. Every single day that he comes on set, he has so much energy,” Young said.

Young also recalled the touching conversion he made with Macchio and Zabka after filming Kenny’s fight scene at the All-Valley Tournament with Robbie in the last episode of Season 4.[Ralph] watched it and I had no idea it was there. He came up to me and said, “Hey baby, I want you to know, you just gave us another season.” I thought, “Oh, I appreciate that. Thanks.’ He’s like, “No, really. It was an incredible job,” Young recalled. Same thing with William. He grabbed me and said, “That was something special.” That was great”.

Young’s role as Kenny was so impressive that he moved from a recurring character to a series regular in the fifth season of Cobra Kai, giving the teen actor more opportunities to immerse himself in Johnny Lawrence Zabka’s “hopelessly stuck in the 1980s” humor. . “Oh, I like it,” Young said, laughing. “The funny thing is that this is literally William in real life – his energy is the same, his humor. He’s so humorous. He’s hilarious in real life, so it definitely plays well on camera.”

All five seasons of Cobra Kai are streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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