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Today at TIFF, a few months before its Christmas theatrical opening, Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle showed up to show the trailer for his Hollywood opus. Babylon. It will drop tom’w. The photo is still in the post.

“After the calm First man, I wanted to do something rowdy and loud,” Chazelle said of his turn to Babylon.

Babylon was the largest number of roles that I have ever played. The casting process took a very long time. Basically a fantasy movie. All characters are fictional but inspired by a combination of real people,” the director continued.

“You’re looking for people who will surprise you (and) break preconceived notions about that era, and actors who will define that spirit,” Chazelle added.

Babylon returned to a lot of on-screen music as well La La Land as well as Whip. We want to end the prejudices of the era,” he said of filming in the 1920s.

Paramount showed footage for the first time Babylon back at CinemaCon in April. This clip talks about the jazz era, the hardy parties of the Hollywood period. Margot Robbie is seen as a jaded star, and she demanded her close-ups in the hat’s opening shots, singing “You don’t become a star, you’re either alone or you’re not.” The action took place on the epic with swords and sandals. Adds Pitt’s Jack Conrad, “When I first moved to Hollywood, the signs on all the doors said ‘Actors and No Dogs’.” We have changed that.” We go to how he addresses, we do not know to whom, and says: “So, what happens there, on the screen, means something.”

Chazelle spoke with TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey about his career; “corporality of music” in his films, starting from his debut picture Guy and Madeline on a park bench. “This movie didn’t exactly open doors in Hollywood,” Chazelle said. He then wrote a full length screenplay whip, but the producers suggested that he shorten it by 15 minutes. Chazelle thought this was a setback in his evolution as a director. “But life finds a better way,” he said, looking back. la la land, it has developed before whip, tribute to MGM technicolor, CinemaScope musicals.

“People in Hollywood don’t like to use their imagination, they like to know what they’re getting,” Chazelle says of the feature-length sale. Whip from his short and feature-length screenplay.

The trick to creating a risqué original musical that has turned into a multiple Oscar-winning marquee for Lionsgate “is to find unity in something that can go the other way.”

“You put on a ballet, record a soundtrack and make a film,” the director said of La La Land which he considers his most difficult preparation.

“What I like about musicals is that when they work, you don’t feel the work,” he said. “I hope you don’t smell department meetings.”

There were a lot of intense battles of rehearsals and no rehearsals and adaptations in situations where things didn’t work out (i.e. initially the dance number didn’t go smoothly on the first take).

About the astronaut’s ambitious film First man: “I remember one of the biggest complaints I received in Guy and Madeline such as First man – too many big plans. I like to snuggle up close to the camera.”

Babylon opens on Christmas Day with further expansion on January 6th.

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