“Danger!” Fans boycott the show and demand the dismissal of Mayim Bialik

Ratings are serious Danger as fans threaten to boycott the show after it was announced that Ken Jennings shared hosting duties with Mayim Bialik.

Some longtime fans of the popular TV show have gone so far as to say they will refuse to watch it until Mayim Bialik is fired.

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Now, despite the latest news, the quiz has become the most watched non-sports show on television.

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According to Entertainment WeeklyNielsen data reports that for the week of December 27, 2021 Danger! was the most watched non-sports program on broadcast and cable television.

The quiz’s ratings of nearly 9.7 million viewers per episode soared above Yellowstone’s to 9.34 million, according to the publication.

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Danger! also beat the rankings of each network’s New Year’s special.

Not only that, but Wrapper reports that the same week Danger! surpassed 60 minutes making it the most watched non-sports program on television.

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For the first time in 3 decades Danger! surpassed 60 minutes.

The increase in views is believed to be partly due to Danger! champion Amy Schneider.

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Who people liked to watch.

As some may already know, Schneider became a millionaire after she won over $1 million on an episode of the show.

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She became the fourth player on the show, as well as the first female champion to win over $1 million while playing in the regular season.

According to Nielsen published Explosionsince Schneider began her involvement with the show, viewership has increased by about 3% per show.

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Last year, Schneider won her 33rd game, placing her third on the all-time straight win list.

Winning streaks like Schneider’s often result in higher viewership, according to EW.

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Back in 2019, James Holzhauer had a record run that is said to have boosted the ratings to a fourteen-year high.

But despite the recent high ratings, the quiz shows that the number of viewers has decreased compared to last season.

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And it seems to have something to do with Mayim Bialik co-hosting with Ken Jennings.

The show announced last Wednesday that Mayim and Ken would remain hosts.

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Danger! producer Michael Davis said that they “won’t be constantly flipping hosts” as they know fans “value consistency”.

“I’m writing today with the exciting news that we have secured and signed Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings to be the hosts’Danger!Moving forward,” Davis confirmed on Wednesday, July 27.

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“The thing is, we have so many”Danger!‘, and with so many plans for the future, we always knew we would need a few hosts for the franchise, and we’re so grateful that Mayim and Ken stepped in and performed to make the show a success.” he continued. “And it succeeded.”

He added, “Mayim and Ken are extremely talented and just lovely people. They support the staff and each other. They love and respect this TV program institution. In turn, it is a great honor for us and the staff to work together with them.

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“In conclusion, I want to congratulate both Mayim and Ken,” he added. “Both of them were a pleasure to work with. They have my commitment, my producer vow, that I will focus on nothing but improving the show around them so they can do their best work and approach every day in the studio with excitement and energy.”

Despite the producer’s upbeat statement, fans of the show shared their disappointment with the news.

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Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment…

“Will not watch @Jeopardy until @KenJennings is the main and only host. This switch sucks! #boycottjeopardy because idiots do it. What a mess,” one commenter said. wrote.

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“Great! I’ll be watching all of December when Ken is hosting. I won’t be watching at all Danger Mayim’s hosts, another commented.

“But I don’t watch all the time,” the third general.

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“No one is at all excited about Mayim being the co-host, if you listen to people, most of us would prefer Ken as the permanent host over Mayim Bialik. See when the viewership drops with Mayim hosting and then rising with Ken, you guys will regret becoming co-hosts.” Fourth. wrote.

“This woman is kicking me out of the show and most others I know agree she’s a terrible host” – another announced.

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However, not each agrees that Bialik is the problem.

“Mayim is much better as a host,” one user said. tweeted.

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“Ken is not a public speaker, let alone a TV presenter. Trivia and Twitter nerds are the only ones Danger viewers who prefer Ken, which is a small segment danger spectators.”

“If Ken was as good as he is on social media, Sony would choose him” – another declared.

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Mayim needs practice. I agree. But she has a much better Jeopardy voice for reading clues, like Alex. That’s why they chose Mayim.”

Others believe that the couple complements each other perfectly …

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“This is a successful host team that Alex [Trebek] would be so proud. Danger is now more popular than ever and will have the brightest future, including prime time.” said.

Filming for the thirty-ninth season will officially begin next week.

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