Danger! fans think 16-game champion Ryan Long got “special treatment” with his $300k win after watching a new video.

DANGER! fans think the 16-game winning champion, Ryan Long, received “special treatment” from the show.

He won $300,000 while participating in Jeopardy! and the local news outlet handed him a check in advance.


Ryan Long is on a 16-day winning streak, earning over $300,000.1 credit
Danger!  champ ryan long outside show studio


Danger! champ ryan long outside show studioCredit: TWITTER/ @blirish_charm

Ryan’s successful run on the show ended on June 6th when he was defeated by Erik Ahasiak.

Ryan Long lost to Eric Ahasiak after a good run


Ryan Long lost to Eric Ahasiak after a good run1 credit

He auditioned via Zoom and after being in the hospital with COVID-19, he finally landed on the show.

However, the champion recovered and became one of the most memorable contestants on the show.

Some observers thought he quit the game because he was ready to go home.

Ryan Long of Jeopardy!  LOSES after 16 wins as fans claim he 'dropped the final game'
Danger!  Fans criticize Mayim for making a big 'mistake' during Ryan Long's latest performance

Danger! Fans now think the Philadelphia native got “special treatment” after the upset loss.

Ryan is a taxi driver who, before winning a lot of money on the show, drove people to Philadelphia.

6ABC made a story about the champion and fans noticed something that had never happened to another member.

The video got into his backstory and how humble he was, and fans came to congratulate him.

He was then handed a check for $300,401 for 16 games won, and the fans Reddit were a little shocked.


While it’s not all that unusual for a local news station to cover someone from their hometown, it’s a little unusual to hand them a check during an interview.

One Reddit user noted that he received his check earlier than the others.

“I’m curious—every winner is J! does he get his winnings at the office/studio of the affiliate that runs the show in their area, or was it part of a special story the radio station told about Ryan? past winners, how did it work for you?” they asked.

The comment received a lot of feedback and sparked a lengthy discussion.

One fan responded, “Actually, it’s a little weird because most of the contestants, winners or losers, get a check in the mail WEEKS after their last episode airs. The ABC affiliate must have pulled some strings to make this happen.”

The former winner chimed in: “I was thinking the same thing. Mine arrived in about 10 weeks and was at the start of the 60-90 days we were told to expect.”

Another Reddit user said that Jeopardy! airs on this channel in Philadelphia, so maybe that helped the process.

“I remember seeing a story here about Amy Schneider getting some or all of her winnings earlier than usual a few weeks after going live – maybe they are speeding up the payout schedule for everyone? Or maybe the super champions are just getting special attention in this regard because they can publicize the long wait. I don’t know,” said the avid Jeopardy! observer.

“I got my check in the mail, which I think applies to everyone. Unless there’s some exception, unless it’s a significant amount like Ryan’s. player.

Many other commentators have said that because of how much work he has missed, living paycheck to paycheck and the fact that he is a “super champion” may have helped move the process along.


Before Ryan said goodbye to the show, host Mayim Bialik slipped his tongue on a response that sent fans into a frenzy.

During the last performance of the Philadelphia native, the error occurred in the first few minutes.

After contestant Stephanie requested the film’s category, Mayim read the clue: “This was the worst two-word internet sensation Christmas of 2014.”

Along with the hint, players were also shown an image of a scowling cat.

Player Eric quickly jumped up to name the correct answer, saying “Who is Grumpy Cat?”

Without hesitation, Mayim replied: “It’s him!”

Danger! Fans quickly noticed her mistake and took to Twitter to correct the actress.

“The angry cat was a girl!” They said.

“Can’t believe Mayim was wrong,” a shocked viewer tweeted.

A third wrote: “You’ve been on the internet for too long while yelling, ‘That’s her!’ after @missmayim calls Grumpy Cat “he”.

Ryan will return to the show this fall at the Tournament of Champions.

Danger! airs weekdays at 7:00 pm on ABC.

Ryan Long was in the hospital before he was in danger!


Ryan Long was in the hospital before he was in danger!Photo: Twitter/@blirish_charm
Ryan took home nearly $300k in 16 days on the show


Ryan took home nearly $300k in 16 days on the show1 credit
Mayim Bialik co-hosted the show along with Ken Jennings after the death of Alec Trebek.


Mayim Bialik co-hosted the show along with Ken Jennings after the death of Alec Trebek.1 credit

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