Daniel Brigley has been accusing Dr. Phil since meeting him.

Remember the young man with the dirty mouth. Daniel Brigley., Which first became the focus of people’s attention on their appearance. Dr. Phil.? The viral sensation is now all mature, and she has transformed herself from an internet meme into a successful rapper and singer. بھد بھابی۔, Made Billboard Hot 100 charts with his singles “This hex.“And”Hello beach. ”

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The music star, who has done a full style make-up, has become as famous for her music as she is for her personal movements, and her contradictory personality and strong opinion have made her already known to many other rappers and celebrities. Pulled into quarrels with personalities. . But perhaps his most famous run has been with him. Dr. Phil.“I want to stop stealing my car, I want to stare at my knife-wielding 13-year-old daughter who tried to frame me for a crime,” said Daniel, the host of the popular consultation show. Daniel was in a mood to challenge anyone and everyone during his appearance, and famously challenged the audience to a fight, asking “Cash Me Outside, How Bout Dah” – overnight meme became a thrill and Forever ‘Cash Me Outside Girl’.

Since her famous appearance, Bhad Bhabhi has leveled several allegations against the show’s host, Dr. Phil. So what are they

After his appearance, he was sent to a camp.

After appearing on the show and being questioned about his wild behavior, Briggioli was sent to the Turn Abbott Ranch, a ‘disturbing teens’ facility in Utah. The experiment did not persuade the young man to change course, but he was later arrested, pleaded guilty to mass theft, possession of marijuana, and filing a false police report, and was later sentenced to five years in prison. Heard.

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He later claimed abuse in the camp.

Brigley later chose to talk about his experiences in Turnbott, releasing a video on his YouTube channel in March this year. In the video, the rapper claims that he suffered horrific abuse during his stay, and that he witnessed several disturbing incidents at others, saying that the staff tortured him with sleep deprivation, and that he Forced to sit upright for three days without permission to sleep, used physical restraint on others, and permanently denied any hooliganism in the field.

And accused Dr. Phil of being fully aware.

Dr. Phil said in an interview that his sister-in-law said a few days after posting the video that he was unaware that there was any abuse in the camp.

He claimed: “We have nothing to do with what happens after the guests leave the stage. It is between the guardian and the parents, and whatever facility they go to. We are not involved. None of them. Get feedback. So when they’re there, everything happens between them and the facility. ”

Brigley pleaded, however, in his video: “Are you a f ** king nut? My mother signed the consent to the information release so that progress reports could be sent directly to Dr. Phil Shaw from Turnout.”

He also said that Dr. Phil has benefited from it, which brings him a lot of money and attention. Dr. Phil. Show off its performance.

Bhad Bhabhi criticized Dr. Phil for sending vulnerable teenagers in turn.

The ‘High Beach’ singer criticizes Dr. Phil for allowing vulnerable teens in his show to be sent to the Turn About Ranch, and apologizes to them. “Not only me but Hina and another child From what you sent to Turn. About this or any other program.

He responded in an April 2021 interview with News20 that he was unaware of the farm’s operations and did not seek their opinion, to which Brigley reacted by saying in another video that the farm was a live show. I send a progress report.

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Daniel accused Dr. Phil of being “nothing” before.

Despite her complex feelings about Dr. Phil, the 18-year-old later returned to the show in February 2017.

After finally explaining her intentions (at the time) to become a nurse, Dr. Phil asked if the attention she would get to her moment on the show was good or bad. “I guess what’s best for you is I made you the way Oprah made you,” said Brigley. “You were nothing before you came to this show.”

“Thank you for that,” Dr. Phil replied.

He eventually admitted that Dr. Phil helped him grow up.

During her second appearance, Brigley also refused to acknowledge that Dr. Phil’s intervention had helped her to remain calm and mature as a person – claiming that she could help herself so easily. ۔

“You have to admit, he helped you a lot,” said his mother, Barbara Ann. Daniel replied, “If it wasn’t for his money, you can’t say it wasn’t for him. If it weren’t for him and his people, I wouldn’t be as I am. He could have paid the price himself. ”

However, Daniel appeared to step back and offer a “thank you” to Dr. Phil.

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