Daniel Craig’s lack of knowledge about the viral ‘The Weekend’ impresses fans.

Daniel Craig is definitely having a moment right now! The British actor has justice. Closed the door on his decades-long image. With the famous detective James Bond Very welcome There is no time to die..

Craig’s next part is the release of All-Star. The most anticipated murder-mystery movie. Knife out 2 Which is due to end in 2022.

In fact, Craig admitted in a recent interview. Complex That It does not have any social media presence.. So, the actor was naturally surprised when the interviewer came up with an incredibly popular video that has been circulating on social platforms for the last few months. As long as you are not living under a rock, you will know it. It features the actor during his SNL hosting spot last year, which announced the performance of the episode’s Music Act, Weekend.

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Exactly why Craig’s shot is throwing his arm out and announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, weekend!” It has a humorous value that is debatable. Maybe it’s the actor’s semi-monotonous delivery, or the sense of calm that comes from the announcement. But somehow, it has become the standard Twitter method for getting thousands of likes and retweets for video every Friday, as users expect the weekend to be. Is the same An account is completely dedicated Post meme every week without fail.

But Craig himself was not yet aware that this seemingly insignificant moment of his appearance had garnered a lot of attention on SNL. The star responded with a mixture of confusion and gratitude over the viral video, “I don’t know what it is, but thank you.”

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And, in addition to praising Craig’s polite response to his meme status, many fans have reacted enthusiastically to the news that the actor does not use social media. Some Twitter users found Craig’s decision to stay away from online platforms impressive, with one post, “I wish I could,” and another tweeted, “I pray I get back to my social media soon.” Let’s break the addiction because it had no reality. The idea of ​​it is amazing. ”

While many other Twitter users. Were more worried With the fact that, due to Craig’s meme’s confession, news outlets were posting it on Thursday, giving him false hopes of starting the weekend. The moral of the story is – be like Daniel Craig, and don’t rely on social media to tell you what day of the week it is!

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