Daniel Kaluuy’s answer to Logan Paul’s ‘No’ criticism is just perfect

During the appearance on Capital FMDaniel Kaluuya discussed Logan Paul’s critique of his latest critically acclaimed collaboration with Jordan Peele (who recently called the actor “his De Niro”) and expressed a lack of understanding as to why this is gaining attention. “Why is his opinion at the top of the tree?” he asked. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what did he do in the movie? Imagine if you asked me about Eric Clapton.”

Kaluuya quickly acknowledged that criticism, constructive or not, is an essential part of the business he does. “I don’t know why you’re better than everyone else.” However, when he came up with the idea of ​​taking the chance to find out why Paul wasn’t a fan of his latest film, Kaluuya thought hard. “I’m happy to sit with him,” he said before changing his mind. “Actually, would I sit with him? No, it doesn’t really matter. I wouldn’t sit with him.” So it’s not in this either?

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