Daniel LaRusso’s 7 Best and 7 Worst Moments in Cobra Kai Season 5

Hoping to get inside information on what Cobra Kai is up to, Daniel enlists the help of his nemesis “Karate Kid Part 2” Chozen Toguchi turned friend to infiltrate Terry Silver’s new and improved Cobra Kai. Undercover, Chozen tries to take over as sensei at Silver’s ever-expanding dojo, though the Vietnam veteran sees through the façade of the karate master. Afterwards, Silver buys his way to a country club frequented by Daniel and the LaRusso family and meets Daniel at a bar. Although Silver tries to belittle Daniel, he confronts Cobra master Kai and, along with Chozen, vows to defeat Silver forever.

While Daniel wouldn’t stay direct with Silver, he kept his cool here, especially given their complicated history. Here Daniel proves that he is not the type to give up, at least not without a fight, and that no matter what, he is ready to fight for what is right. This is a great moment, especially when Chozen intervenes, stating that if Silver is fire, then he is “gasoline”. There’s a lot to love about this brief encounter, especially Silver’s attempts to dismiss Daniel’s threats as nonsense. Naturally, Daniel lives up to his words, and (despite a few hiccups along the way) manages to come out on top as always.

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