Daniel Olivera from Summer House addresses Carl about Lindsey’s engagement

Sending her well wishes privately? Next Carl Radke as well as Lindsey Hubbardengagement, their Country house partner Daniel Olivera refers to her decision not to share her reaction online.

“Social media is a strange animal. I think I’m just tired of summer. I juggle many things. I’m obviously very, very happy for them,” Olivera, 33, who has been appearing on the hit series Bravo since Season 2, said exclusively. Us weekly on Thursday, September 15, prompting her to partner with Fidelity.

The reality TV star remarked that she was surprised by the couple’s exciting news, adding, “I didn’t expect this. But who couldn’t love love?”

Daniel Olivera, Carl Radke and Lindsey Hubbard. Carolina Wojtasik/Bravo; Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

After Radke, 37, and Hubbard, 36, moved in together earlier this month, Olivera didn’t expect them to reach another milestone so soon.

“Looking back, in that sense, it’s amazing. They just moved into a great apartment together, so I thought they might do it for a while,” she continued. “But everyone has a different time frame, and that’s what it is.”

After a brief romance in season 4 Country house, two years later, viewers saw Radke and Hubbard rekindle their connection. “I’m happy to report that we’re dating and everything is really good,” the Loverboy businessman said. Us in January. “We are very happy. She is one of those who have been incredibly supportive and a part of my life. [for years]. … I mean, we laugh at each other like crazy. I have never felt better around someone than with her. And that’s powerful for me.”

Ahead of their engagement, the couple revealed their plans for the future. “We are very serious, in love and very happy,” Radke explained in May. “We are finally moving in together. We’ve been trying to do this for a while.”

The publicist, for his part, teased that their journey was filmed for Country house. “We’ve had some good baby steps into what will hopefully be a married life together, but hopefully you can see that in Season 7 of ‘Summer House’,” she added.

While the cameras were running in August, Us confirmed that Radke had asked Hubbard the question.

Olivera, however, noted that she was in no hurry to give up her relationship with Robert Seeber to the next level. “I’m too focused on my career, and so is Robert. It’s great for everyone, but I love where we are right now and I don’t want to pressure anything,” she shared with Us. “I don’t want any expectations. I just think I wish I could just travel more. Can look at home. This is kind of where my head is at. At the moment I don’t need a ring.”

Since filming season 7, Olivera has focused all her attention on collaborating with Fidelity to help others save money. “I think it was just a match made in heaven,” she explained. Us about a partnership that involved the company’s Bloom mobile app. “I’m just grateful for an app that’s made the way Fidelity made it. Especially when it comes to personal finance.”

The Bravo personality continued, “I think Fidelity does a really good job of handling the more emotional side of your personal finances. [instead of] giving you data and shaming you and making you feel like you should be saving. … Loyalty challenges you, but more psychologically. So if you’re feeling frustrated, if you’re sad, they really understand why that’s the case and they’re trying to fix it and change your mindset.”

With a report by Christina Garibaldi

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