Danielle Fishel’s Early Experience on Boy Meets World Sounds Terrifying and Offensive

At 31:10 or so Episode “Under Meets the World”, Danielle Fishel explained that it was difficult for her to perfect the rhythm of her lines, as she had a tendency to speak quickly as a child. This habit antagonized Boy Meets World co-creator Michael Jacobs, who spoke about his feelings while taking notes to the actors after rehearsal.

“Michael starts the notes by saying, ‘Daniel, at the end I’m going to have to give away all your notes in one go, and I’m going to give everyone else their notes now, because if I make everyone sit here until the end of the notes I have for you, we’ll all be here for hours and no one can ever go home,” Fischel recalled. She shared that she found the comment upsetting and spent the remaining hour of the note sessions torn. After Jacobs finished his reflections with Fishel’s co-stars, he sat down with her and her mother to discuss how he wanted her to improve her acting skills. According to the mother of two, the producer warned that he would replace her if she did not take his recordings seriously. She stated that she rehearsed her lines for hours to make sure she followed through on Jacobs’ requests. Her efforts paid off as her performance impressed the writer while browsing the web.

“Michael says ‘Daniel this time’ and he stands up and all the writers stand next to him and he says, ‘Let’s give Danielle a round of applause. You know, you did exactly what I asked you to, thank you, thank you, congratulations, it was wonderful, ”said the actress.

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