Danniella Westbrook Helps Save Vulnerable Fan Who Said He Was Going to Kill Himself on Instagram

DANNIELLA Westbrook helped save the life of a vulnerable fan who said he was about to kill himself on Instagram live.

The 48-year-old star frantically took to Instagram to ask followers to track him down after her daughter Jodie alerted her to his broadcast.


An emotional Danniella Westbrook pleaded with fans to help a man who wanted to kill himself on Instagram live.

With tears in her eyes, the former EastEnders star later said in an Instagram video, “Guys, I’m asking everyone for help quickly. I had to stop the car, my daughter called, there is a guy on social media, on Instagram .. on live video He is trying to commit suicide.

“Someone needs to urgently get to his house, I left him a mailbox with my phone number to contact and talk to someone.

“Summon someone there, he is just one of my followers.

“I can’t stand anything, it worries me a lot. So please, if anyone knows him, please, please, please go to his house, to his family, contact him. If anyone knows him, please go there now, thank you.”

Danniella and her daughter Jodie eventually spoke to him via Instagram and managed to calm him down.

She also said that the police managed to find him, and she went to the house where the broadcast was taking place.

She later shared screenshots of a message she sent to a distressed fan that said, “You’re saving yourself, all my followers who join the live broadcast wish you only strength, love and support.

“We all deserve to be in this world, I’m proud of your courage to speak today, life is hard for everyone, we just need to be as brave as you were today and reach out to someone, take a break and quickly talk.”

He replied: “Thank you, Daniel, I really appreciate it. This is the police and an ambulance, they were already there and left.”

Danniella recently returned to Essex after moving from London to Cottage in Yorkshire.

It’s only been three weeks since the actress was taken to the hospital with bloodstream septicemia.

The condition, which could be life-threatening, led to her being bedridden for several days.

Danniella was shaken by the traumatic episode


Danniella was shaken by the traumatic episode1 credit

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