Darrell Brooks, suspected of attacking Waukesh parade, faces 71 new charges

Wakesh Christmas parade deadly attacker Darrell Brooks has been charged with seventy-one new charges.

The charges include multiple counts of reckless endangerment and bail jumping among many others.

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The tragedy occurred around 4:30 p.m. on November 21, 2021.

Six people died and more than forty were injured when a red SUV crashed into the parade.

Wokeshi Police Chief Dan Thompson said at a press conference that a total of eleven adults and twelve children were taken to the hospital.

They were taken to 6 different hospitals with the help of ambulances, police officers and family members.

ABC news informed Aurora Medical Center in Summit, Wisconsin, said in a statement that it has been treating thirteen patients since the incident.

Of those thirteen, the medical center reported that 3 patients were in critical condition and 4 were in serious condition.

Wisconsin Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee also admitted several patients after the incident.

The hospital said in a statement that it had admitted fifteen patients, although officials at the time warned that the number of deaths and injuries could change.

Thompson reported that an officer present at the parade opened fire on the car in an attempt to stop it.

The parade is an annual event that takes place on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. reports the BBC. It is said to include fancy dress, dancers and marching bands.

Thompson told the conference that the red SUV believed to have been involved in the incident was found by officers.

The suspect, named 39-year-old Darrell Brooks, was taken into custody.

Public schools in Waukesha closed the day after the attack.

Many businesses in the area have also closed their doors, according to ABC News.

“When the area is open, the City is asking for any items for a temporary memorial to be placed in Veterans Park,” the city said in a statement.

This was reported by a local resident Angelito Tenorio. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper he had just finished marching in the parade when the incident occurred.

“As we were returning between the buildings, we saw an SUV drive by, just put the gas pedal to the floor and just race at full speed along the parade route,” he said. “And then we heard a loud bang and just deafening screams and screams of people who were hit by a vehicle.”

Tenorio said the incident “everything happened so quickly”.

“And then, and then we saw people run away or stop crying, and there on the ground are people who look like they were hit by a car,” he added.

Twelve-year-old Ashley Coronado, who was at the parade with her mom, also spoke to the publication and explained that she initially thought it was “part of the parade.”

“We were thrilled to see a truck with fire and hot air,” she said. “We are always happy about this, because the cold warms us. And then a red car drove past me and my cousins. He was driving very fast and hit the gentleman. At first I thought he was part of the parade. And then I thought it was real. We all screamed. We weren’t even two feet away.”

After the attack, Brooks was apprehended and taken into custody, where he was interrogated.

Brooks then went to trial 2 days after the attack, where he was charged with 6 counts of first-degree murder.

But now Brooks faces seventy-one more charges.

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Brooks faces seventy-one new charges in addition to the six counts of murder he has already faced.

The new charges include multiple counts of reckless endangerment, hit and run with death, battery and bail jumping, New York Post reports.

According to the publication, in a criminal complaint this week, prosecutors alleged that Brooks ran into people and ran them over.

They even reportedly claim that Brooks once climbed out of his window as his view was blocked by someone who had landed on his window screen.

The complaint stated: “All the victims who were killed and most of the people who were injured walked right down the middle of the road in plain sight.”

“(The street) was clearly closed to traffic, barricades were in place and the police were present to guide motorists along the entire route of the parade.”

The complaint also stated that Brooks attacked the mother of his child just minutes before he drove through the parade.

On Friday, Brooks will appear in court at a preliminary hearing, according to the publication.

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