Darwin Del Fabro of They/Them on his journey from Brazil to star opposite Kevin Bacon

As you mentioned, you started performing in Brazil. What was the catalyst for moving to New York?

I worked with music. I started making music when I was four years old and made my first musical when I was 13. I was born into a family of artists. My father was a model and became an actor, and the stepmother who raised me was a big model and then went into television, she had her own show in Brazil. Art has always been a part of my life. I led a little. i made some tv [and] theatre. I love doing theater. I miss theater.

I met John at the theatre. We did a play in New York before the movie. That’s how I met him. I called him out of nowhere. I created a play in Brazil when I was 14 and then moved to New York. I was making a play and I thought, “Oh, I want to do an adaptation of this play that I did in Brazil.” I called John and said, “Hi John Logan, out of the blue, my name is Darwin and I have a play that I want you to adapt. I will hold a seminar just for you in New York. New York to see it and see if you have any interest in this play?” Surprisingly, he said yes.

I did a whole seminar for him and he agreed to the adaptation. We start working together, but we had to stop because of the pandemic. I thought, “I lost the opportunity to work with John Logan. When will a great writer like John [accepting] Something like that?” Three months later, he called me and said: “I wrote the script for the film, I wrote the role for you, and I want you to star in this film.” The film is called “They”. everything came from the transition. It’s a beautiful story.

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