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David Cronenberg talks about his next film, shroud, as a personal and partly autobiographical project, during a press conference at the San Sebastian Film Festival on Wednesday.

Cronenberg teased the project while speaking to the press at the festival, where he is set to receive a prestigious Donostia Award.

“The new film I will be making is called The Shroud And it stars Vincent Castle and Le Seydoux. However, it is not a French film,” he said. “This is a very personal project for me. Those who know me will know that parts of it are autobiographical. The idea is to shoot it in the spring in Toronto.

As reported by KristenBellTattoos.com in May, FilmNation and CAA Media Finance initiated the sales. The Shroud In the mine market. Industry veterans Saïd Ben Saïd (SBS Productions), Martin Katz (Prospero Pictures), and Michel Merkt are producing the film. Film Nation is working for International and CAA Domestic.

Later during a presser, Cronenberg was asked to talk about his production process and how he has adapted to new technology, during which he revealed that some scenes from his last film, future crimes, A cell phone was shot.

“The last few short films I’ve made have only been with very available consumer cameras and even phones. And, in fact, there are some moments. Future crimes which was shot with an iPhone,” he said. “I won’t say which one but you can probably guess.”

Delving deeper into the production of Future crimesCronenberg said he was impressed with Kristen Stewart’s work on set.

“I was particularly impressed with Kristen because I had never seen her do the kind of work that was required to be done in the film,” he said. “And she was so passionate and professional. It was just beautiful.”

will introduce a special screening of Cronenberg Future crimes in San Sebastián after receiving the Donostia Award – the festival’s lifetime achievement gong. Discussing the honor, Cronenberg said: “I used to think that if you got an award for your entire career, they were saying stop making movies. But now I realize that’s not the case, and to say keep making films.

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