David Fincher Mystery Netflix Project Unveiled After Social Media Tease – Deadline

After teasing us next Tuesday. David Fincher. Project, Netflix He has thrown the stuff on Twitter: Streimer is re-naming a new novel with three Oscar-nominated filmmakers. the voice.

According to an announcement on the NetflixFilm social media handle, Fincher Executive will create a new documentary of visual subjects celebrating Cinema. the voice There will also be a premiere at the AFI Fest, which runs November 10-14. No sequencing date has been announced yet.

Fincher has a long working relationship with Streamer, along with their early 7x Emmy-winning Benj series. House of cards, On which he directed two episodes and 2x Emmy nominated executive. Mind blowing, He prepared seven episodes for the executive and directed the animated series. Love, death and robots. On which he acted as an EP and 2x Oscar winning film. Standard Which he directed.

Earlier this year, Deadline told you. Killer , Feature project that reconnects the feature with it. Seven Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker., Based on the Alexis Nolint graphic novel series. Michael Face Bender. Talks are underway to act in the film.

Netflix dropped the following message on social media yesterday about the upcoming feature project, fueling speculation that it is developing a feature sequel. Seven In another season of Mind blowing

Yesterday, Netflix announced this. Squid game. This is the beginning of the most watched series. 111 million households worldwide in its first month.

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