David Letterman and Jennifer Aniston’s interview got an awkward twist we can’t help but notice

Although David Letterman is the legend of the nightly game, the host has had quite a few awkward interviews in the past. Heck, one with Paris Hilton in particular still haunts fans.

In truth, Letterman has done some odd interviews with a few female guests.

We’ll come back to some of them later, and also shed some light on a very awkward segment that happened near Jennifer Aniston.

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The interview went completely downhill when Letterman decided to suck on his guest’s hair. We will look back at that moment and at how it all happened.

David Letterman had a history of awkward interviews with his female guests

Oh yes, David Letterman is considered by many to be the king of the night, given his outstanding longevity. However, like many other nocturnal hosts, Letterman isn’t immune to awkward moments. in fact, he has been criticized in the past for some difficult interviews with female guests.

Lindsay Lohan was possibly the worst of them all, in one of the interviews David asked young Lohan what she was dreaming of.

To make matters worse, when she returns to the show a few years later, Letterman will tell her about her rehab, which she said was not mentioned during the preliminary interview. The situation got so out of control that Lohan burst into tears on the air.

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Letterman’s other awkward moments include David tickling Cher for no apparent reason, making some weird comments about Jessica Biel, touching Madonna and Catherine Zena-Jones for no apparent reason, and oh, many more weird moments.

Jennifer Aniston also falls into this category as her interview took a very awkward and unexpected twist.

Everything changed dramatically when David Letterman sucked Jennifer Aniston’s hair

It all started with an innocent conversation when David asked Jennifer Aniston if fans regularly recognized her.

Aniston admitted she was, and the star told the story of how fans recognized her in the sauna. It was at this point that the interview took an awkward turn … Suddenly, David began to make inappropriate comments about the sauna setting and the way the women were undressed.

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Despite the awkwardness, Aniston was able to keep it together, although, again, Dave went even further, eerily walking behind Jen in the back.

“Sorry if this is rude, I just want to try something.” The host puts his hand on Aniston’s neck and sucks on her hair … at that moment Jen looked rather uncomfortable.

Despite all the tests, fans Youtube praised Aniston for her composure throughout the interview.

“What he did was so rude and completely unexpected. Nothing in their conversation suggested this even remotely. She was ridiculously good at this, but we were all used to being treated like that back then, I think … “

“It’s really sad to see. The grown woman is being harassed in public and no one has done anything. Worst of all, he made her apologize, and his role as a victim rightfully so. Can you imagine the awful smell he left on Jennifer’s hair. “

To Jen’s credit, not only did she handle the class, but it has been a topic throughout her career.

Jennifer Aniston has always stood up for herself

Jennifer Aniston is nothing new … Damn it, before becoming the main star on ‘Friends‘, actress met Lorne Michaels for filming’SNL‘. Not only did Aniston turn down the role, she told Lorne that the atmosphere was not right for women and that the scene was hailed as a “boys’ club.” It really just shows Aniston’s values.

Aniston confessed in the past, sexism is very realespecially in the world of Hollywood.

“We’re pretty much a sexist society. Women are still paid less than men … I myself opposed this in the negotiations. “

Jen would also admit that this is the same test when it comes to her looks.

“I really think you’re damned if you do this, and damned if you don’t.”

“Either you’re too fat” “Oh my God, she gained weight, got chubby, spread by the mid-40s!” Or “She’s so skeletal, give her meat on her bones!” I was on too thin lists. was on the lists of what happened to her. “

Thanks to pioneers like Aniston, things are finally starting to change.

Jen and Reese Witherspoon paid as premier talent for ‘Morning show ‘, proving that equality is finally beginning to form in Hollywood, slowly but surely.

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