Dax Shepard had hiccups for 50 hours straight

I will never complain about hiccups again.

Dax Shepard One can finally breathe a sigh of relief after a very uncomfortable experience!

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Earlier this week, Dax found himself with a case of hiccups that just didn’t go away!

He revealed on Instagram that he is finally hiccups free after a 50-hour-long bout.

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“What a ride!!! 50 hours of hiccups. Don’t worry. We’re hiccups free for five days today. For anyone who has permanent hiccups, God bless. I don’t know if I’d be with those without Could have gone a week interfering with a cycle of cyanide,” Dax wrote.

Dax also included some videos from the experience, where he described how he was feeling…

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While he admitted that the situation was “still fun” at the 24-hour mark, things changed after he had hiccups the second night during his sleep.

“I think it’s safe to say that it escalated to what’s been a good deal of hiccups-induced puking,” Dax admitted, struggling to breathe.

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Thankfully, things soon got easier and Dax has been around without hiccups for about a week now.

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Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again!

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