Days Of Our Lives fans are emotional over the latest peacock news

Social media quickly caught on fire with the reaction to Days of Our Lives moving to Peacock. For example, Reddit thread surfaced shortly after the ad hit the internet, and it was filled with exciting reactions from fans. “Honestly, I think this means the death of the show. Peacock fails completely, so if Peacock fails, so does the entire original program,” he commented. u/AdCareles65, expressing the concern of many “DOOL” viewers at the moment. Several others worried that the show won’t be available in their countrywhile some flattened state they are not going to subscribe to Peacock keep watching.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, optimism about the future of Days of Our Lives is also lacking. Twitter users expressed the same concerns as Reddit users, including hypothetical disappearance of “DOOL” if Peacock ever closes. However, some people have tried to look on the bright side and see how this move could benefit the series. “That’s not a bad idea! From a story standpoint, they can do a lot of stories that they can’t do on NBC,” they wrote. @Skyefanas well as @Susalina pondered whether Peacock would include old episodes, giving the opportunity to relive classic stories with beloved characters and actors who have long since passed away – something that many people would agree with.

We have yet to see how Peacock taking part in Days of Our Lives will benefit both parties, but at present, apart from a few, morale among the show’s fans is clearly low.

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