DC Fans Make It Clear What They Think of Ezra Miller’s Flash Movie Moving Forward

One of the sharpest comments on social media came from @Nicholas68859166stating that “Zaslav’s comment about not releasing a DC movie if they ‘don’t believe in it’ is sure to backfire when they decide to release a movie that stars an actor who literally strangled a girl, threatened to kill a couple and kidnapped a teenager. .” @GuyAtTheMovies1 echoed a similar sentiment that Ezra Miller was “problematic as hell”, but also looked at the situation from an economic perspective: “Disappointed that they are moving forward with #TheFlash, honestly…they probably don’t have any advantage in about not releasing it, but ugh.”

In the end, the problem is in the eye of the beholder. But if the outcry against what Zaslav and Warner Bros Discovery are doing is an indication that the film probably won’t be as profitable as they suggest. @navvet96 basically accused the production company of outright sexism. Warner Bros. let Ezra Miller get away with some crazy shit, but Batgirl’s cancellation is definitely a sexist decision by those in charge!” they wrote, ending their post with a call to boycott Warner Bros.”

Meanwhile, @HaleyTheRadiant responded to Variety’s tweet ad using a two-part GIF of fictional feminist icon Joanna Mason from The Hunger Games by saying, “Well, you know what? Fuck it! And everyone who had anything to do with it!” If the costumes at Warner Bros Discovery aren’t careful what they do, it looks like they could face a massive wave of boycotts and backlash from fans.

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