DC League Of Super-Pets Finals Explained

It really should have been obvious all the time. Looking back at the film, he was always there. Thankfully, however, DC League of Super-Pets goes further and directly states what the movie is really about during the end credits. While the music is playing, we see a lot of pet shelter. Specifically, the chalkboard at the pet shelter that says “Real Heroes Adopt”.

This is what the movie has been trying to tell us all along. Look at Bruce Wayne – he has all the money in the world. He could buy the purest of the purebloods, but he doesn’t. Nobody in the Justice League does that. They all take rescued animals because they have so much love. The film shows us that just because an animal may have a troubled past or may have a little adjustment problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a home.

It might be a bit pretentious to suggest that the DC Super Pet League was one giant entertainment PSA about the importance of adopting pets, but is that really wrong? With all the animals that need a family, is it really bad to suggest that maybe a movie can do more than just make a ton of money? Whether that was the main motivation of the filmmakers or not, the message is there and it matters.

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