Deadliest Catch Star Wild Bill Recounts One Time He Feared For His Life

In the open waters of the Pacific, you are as safe as your boat. Circumstances that seem normal on land, such as a power outage, are a different story on a fishing boat. Add to that a hurricane-force wind and the whole ordeal could be deadly.

In an interview with Hollywood soapbox, “Wild” Bill Wichrowski said, “My biggest fear was for my life when I was boating to Seattle in 85-90 knot winds with gusts up to 120 knots.” For you landlords, that’s about 138 miles per hour – or wind speed. Category 4 hurricane. “The boat broke through going down the back of the wave when the wheelhouse windows were in the water,” said Wild Bill. “One main engine stalled and we lost the generator, so we didn’t have electricity until I could start the other generator. The scariest 15 minutes of my life.”

That this experience shocked a seasoned sailor like Wild Bill speaks volumes about the relentless vagaries of life at sea. In “Deadly Catch”, the captain managed to knock a sailor overboard into icy water and nearly capsize. However, Wild Bill states that it is the duty of the captain to show composure in front of the crew. “Because when something goes wrong, when the boat is about to sink, everyone will look to the captain for an answer…” he said. Larry King. “And you can’t show them fear. You should look at them and just say, “What are you guys doing here? Get back to work.”

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