Deadliest Catch’s James Gallagher Was Sponsored In This Unexpected Sport

James Gallagher may have made his career at sea, but he did just as well in the mountains. AT Reddit AMA, Gallagher revealed that he was once a semi-professional skier. “I had several small sponsors and coached the freeride ski team at Monarch Mountain near Salida, Colorado,” he wrote. However, he is modest in his skiing ability. “I have never been close to that good,” he said. “The concentration of talent in the ski industry is directly [now] completely ridiculous.”

Due to a busy commercial fishing schedule, Gallagher didn’t have much free time to hit the slopes. “Now I just fish non-stop,” he said. “I was home [for] like 8 weeks in the last 14 months. They keep me pretty busy.”

Gallagher’s skiing background certainly helped him endure the relentless work on the deck of the Lady Alaska, as did his exposure to working in conditions that numb his hands. Indeed, Gallagher confirmed that temperatures in the Bering Sea are cooler than those in the Rocky Mountains. “A couple of times I forgot to change my gloves and run the hydraulics,” he said. second AMA. “It was literally the coldest place in my life.”

Skiing is definitely one way to relieve stress when you’re not carrying around crab pots, and Gallagher admits he still skis when he can. Other crew members prefer more illegal activities, such as the “Deadly Catch” star who robbed banks. Meanwhile, Captain Sig Hansen prefers to vacation with his family when he is ashore. As he said Miami New Times“With all the travel we do with Discovery, it’s nice to just be at home and relax, just doing nothing.”

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